The Talmudic Law of the Moser

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Not unlike the Mafioso code of Omertà!
(Revised and updated 9 July 2013.)

Newly revised (9 July 2013) and more to come!  SSJ
The Talmudic Law of the Moser, or Law of the Jewish Informer, is essentially a covenant prohibiting a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew directly or indirectly.   Such a law  is diametrically opposed to the adversarial process of our own legal system in the USA and therefore conducive toward obstruction of justice.

Furthermore, among all employees at all levels of our judicial, intelligence, law enforcement, military and news media communities, the Talmudic Law of the Moser, or Law of the Jewish Informer, constitutes an impediment to frank and uninhibited exchanges of information in the discharge of their duties and therefore poses a serious threat to our national security.
For example, the Talmudic Law of the Moser thwarts the discovery process when a judge or an attorney general chooses not to allow or pursue information or lines of inquiry that might expose a Jew in wrongdoing or with questionable interests in a case.  Or, the Law of the Moser constitutes the foundation of a conspiracy of silence wherein intelligence that can be considered adverse to the Zionist state and its interests is filtered or otherwise withheld from analysts or others with a rightful need to know.  Or, such a law requires a Jew to keep pertinent information about a crime from police investigators.  The Talmudic Law of the Moser determines whether news that pertains to the Zionist state is "fit to print";  the question "is it good for Israel?" is the formula that is applied in case after case.

One cannot overemphasize the great importance of this very real issue of the Talmudic Law of the Moser, or Law of the Jewish Informer, the history of which can be read in the Jewish Encyclopedia.
But the Talmudic Law of the Moser is not just some historical curiosity out of the Middle Ages and the Jewish Diaspora.  Indeed, this law is quite real and in effect today.   In support of this assertion, I cite J. Simcha Cohen's 1997 article in the Jewish Press in which he inculcates on his readers the absolute necessity of adhering to the Talmudic Law of the Moser.  Cohen is from Melbourne, in Victoria, Australia and the Jewish Press is published in Brooklyn, New York, which attests to the universality of this Talmudic Jewish practice at the very core of their belief.

A verbatim transcript of J. Simcha Cohen's article here follows.  Please note that whereas the Jewish Encyclopedia uses the accepted spelling "moser," J. Simcha Cohen goes with an alternate spelling of this Hebrew word for informer, "mosser."


                 HALACHIC QUESTIONS
                 Rabbi J. Simcha Cohen
                 Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
                        A Jewish Informer

     (In commemoration of the yahrzeit of HaGaon HaRav Yitzhak Hutner, z"l, 20th Kislev  -- December 19.)

     Question:  Jewish law considers the crime of informing upon a fellow Jew a most vile and odious sin.  Why?  What is the nature of the sin of the informer (the mosser) that galvanizes such a negative reaction?

     Response:  The Rambam rules that an informer is not to be deemed part of Klal Yisrael (Hilchot Mamrim 2:2).  In another section, the Rambam notes that an informer is not to receive a share in the World to Come (Hilchot Teshuva 3:12).  The rationale of the Rambam, says Hagaon Rav Hutner, z"l, is based upon the following theory:  One who separates himself from the ways of the community (ha'poresh mi'darchei tzibbur) "even though he does not sin... has no share in the World to Come" (ibid. 3:11).  Thus, separation from communal standards is tantamount to exclusion from the Jewish people.  This, moreover, does not have to relate to any specific sin.  Informing on Jews, contends Hagaon Rav Hutner, is an action that goes against the essence of Jewish communal standards.  It is a behavioral pattern that is simply not Jewish.  This is not what Jews do.  As such, the informer (mosser) is excluded from Klal Yisrael because of his refusal to conform to the moral character of the Jewish people (Pachad Yitzhak, Pesach, Ma'amar 63:5).

     Rabbi Cohen is the Rav of the Mizrachi Kehilla in Merbourne and the author of several halachic works, the latest being "How Does Jewish Law Work?"  (Jason Aronson)

J. Simcha Cohen's article, "A Jewish Informer," appeared on page 49 of the 19 December 1997 issue of The Jewish Press, 338 Third Avenue, Brooklyn, New York   11215-1897
(The original article may be found on microfiche at the Judaica Collection in the main branch of the New York Public Library, located in New York City at Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street in Manhattan.  [Coming soon:  Click here to view a clipping.])
Again, one cannot overemphasize that the Talmudic Law of the Moser, or Law of the Jewish Informer, is a very real issue, not unlike the Mafioso code of Omertà.  The Warren Commission JoeValachi.JPGwas virtually oblivious to it.  So was the 9/11 Commission.  We continue to ignore this issue at our national peril.
Let us not forget that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover refused to believe that the Mafia existed, perhaps because he enjoyed lucrative intercourse with top Mafioso capos including Frank Costello.  Not until Joe Valachi (photo right) broke the Mafioso code of silence (Omertà) and disclosed the existence and inner workings of the Mafia before US Senator John L. McClellan's Congressional Committee on Organized Crime in October 1963 did the US Government gain the wherewithal to plan effective countermeasures.  Likewise, nothing will be done to overcome the conspiracy of silence based on the Talmudic Law of the Moser until members of our government discuss this very serious matter openly.  Awareness must come first, then discussion, and then action.
Let us address in a forthright manner this issue of the Talmudic Law of the Moser or Law of the Jewish Informer and its legal, national security and foreign policy implications.  For an overview of the Talmud itself, and the dangers its hateful ideology of racial superiority poses to our society and the world community, visit the very excellent website
Thus far I have cited encyclopedic and journalistic references to the Talmudic Law of the Moser, and have compared it with the Mafioso Code of Omertà, and have given reference to Congressional Hearings that established this hitherto hidden fact.  Now I will give a powerful example of the formidable power of the Law of the Moser in the lives of Jews in twentieth century America.  This is the case of the Soviet spy Julius Rosenberg.  Here is the text of an unsolicited article that I wrote and sent to the Op Ed Editor of The New York Times.  Almost predictably, it was not published.  The link contained therein goes to a very interesting webpage, and the referenced letter of Julius Rosenberg is at Appendix 7.



Julius Rosenberg & the Talmudic Law of the Moser

(Unsolicited article submitted to the Op Ed Editor of The New York Times)

19 September 2008

Not Published!

The earth shaking confession of 91 year old Morton Sobell that he and Julius Rosenberg were indeed spies and not victims of a politically motivated prosecution of idealistic Communist sympathizers affords Americans a golden opportunity to diagnose and treat a chronic national ill, the Talmudic Law of the Moser.  Moser is Hebrew for informer, and this law prohibits a Jew from informing on another Jew to a non-Jew directly or indirectly.  This was the dynamic steering captured members of their spy ring.

Rosenberg himself gives us a very good example.  Two weeks before his and his wife’s 19 June 1953 execution, US Attorney General Herbert Brownell sent Director of the Federal Bureau of Prisons David Bennett to persuade Rosenberg to cooperate with the government in its investigation of the spy ring.  Acceptance of such offer would have been good grounds for clemency, but Rosenberg rejected this.

In his 5 June letter (This link became corrupted not long after writing and sending this article to The New York Times.  So far no substitute can be found.) to his lawyer Emanuel H. Bloch about his meeting with Bennett, “Julie” wrote:  “In so many words he said only if I become an informer, do and say things that satisfy the officials in Washington, then they will let us live.”  By “they” he meant the “goyim” in Washington.  And being an “informer” (moser) is anathema to a Talmud Jew.  Rosenberg preferred death to being an informer, which would have subjected him and his family to shunning by the Jewish community, despoliation and even non-judicial execution.  (Update July 2013:  Excerpts from Julius Rosenberg's 5 June 1953 letter to his lawyer Emanuel Bloch appear on pages 207 - 213 of We Are Your Sons (by Robert & Michael Meeropol, University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, 2nd Edition, 1986, LOC HX84.R6M43) and confirm the gist of the quotation given above; however, in the index David Bennett's name is erroneously listed as "John V. Bennett," and in Julius's letter of 8-9 June to Mr. Bloch (page 213) it is "James V. Bennett."  Also, in The Rosenberg File (by Ronald Radosh & Joyce Milton, Random House, Vintage Books, New York, 1984, LOC KF224.R6R32), in the Bibliographical Note under the subtitle Nongovernmental Manuscript Collections, is the following entry:  "Papers of the Committee to Secure Justice for Morton Sobell, including the Papers of the National Committee to Secure Justice in the Rosenberg Case, State Historical Society, Madison, Wisconsin.  This collection includes all legal records, financial records, publications, newspaper clippings, and correspondence, including copies of the original Rosenberg death-house letters and the prison correspondence of Morton & Helen Sobell.")

The Talmudic Law of the Moser is like the Mafioso Code of Omertà.  It is the foundation for a conspiracy of silence.  As such, this law is diametrically opposed to the adversarial process of our legal system.  It frustrates a true discovery process.  It violates the concept of equality under the law and establishes a subtle, two tiered system for Jews and non-Jews.  And the Law of the Moser prevents or inhibits frank exchange of information within our intelligence and law enforcement communities.  Above all else, this law can determine which news is “fit to print”!  The test for truth has become, is it good for Israel?

Everybody knows American history is terminally under revisionist deconstruction.  The JFK assassination, the USS Liberty incident and 9/11 confront us with significant prevarications, distortions and omissions in the official reports.  To what extent does the Talmudic Law of the Moser explain this phenomenon?  How does it work to keep us jamming the square peg of Zionism into the round hole of Palestine?  How does this law conduce to manipulating the minds of Americans with propaganda?  Before we set boundaries over there, we must first draw the line over here as to what is acceptable and what is not.  We ignore the Talmudic Law of the Moser and its pernicious effects at our national peril.

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The case of the Rosenbergs cited above is interesting in that it shows the determination to lie, proclaim innocence, project guilt on the government officials involved and welcome death to avoid being a moser, or informant.  One wonders why Judge Alvin Hellerstein and Morton Sobell would let the cat out of the bag at this time, on the seventh anniversary of 9/11.  Was this resurrection of the Rosenberg case a warning to the 9/11 conspirators to be very careful not to spill the beans as my Open Letters on 9/11 to the Attorney General of the USA Michael B. Mukasey were starting to make their rounds in capitals around the world?


Robert Fischer:  64 years, 64 squares!Another recent example of what happens to a person deemed to be a moser is Bobby Fischer.  Once he began to speak about the plight of the Palestinian Arabs with sympathy, he was immediately subjected to shunning, despoliation and harrassment.  Yes, he comes off like the disturbed person he became.  What would you do if your people were making money off your name and you were cut out entirely?  Fischer's story is told in his own words quite convincingly on his website.  Unfortunately, Fischer's website was removed from the Internet not long after his death earlier this year (2008).  My fax broadcast tribute to Fischer underscored the threat he posed to "the powers that be" even after death:


Text of fax broadcast:


NEW YORK, NEW YORK   *   20 JANUARY 2008   Citizen of the USA Stephen M. St. John addresses the international community in Washington and here in New York City, all members of the US Congress as well as other organizations and individuals, public and private, and mourns the death of the great ambassador of peace, Robert James Fischer.

Otherwise known as the greatest chess genius of all time, Bobby Fischer, like a particle physicist, opened the door to aleatory chess, whereby the elements of random chance and probability give players virtually limitless possibilities and free them from rote memory retrieval so characteristic of standard high level chess.

More important was Fischer's outspokenness on behalf of Palestinians and Serbs, who have long endured gross, full-spectrum violations of their natural and legal rights.

Fischer endured great adversity by confronting Zionist and American criminality here and abroad and lived his last years in exile.  Fischer's official website recounts the virtual plunder of his fortune and livelihood by Jews inside the USA.  According to the satanic Talmud, Fischer's politics made him a "Moser" or informant on the activities of Jews to non-Jews, and therefore subject to shunning, despoliation and even execution.

Those who doubt or dismiss Fischer's claims as "anti-Semitism" or "paranoia" lack Talmud awareness (see and the dispassionate viewpoint of former LAPD detective Gareth L. Wean, whose book There's a Fish in the Courthouse, exposes the absolute power of the Jewish community to corrupt public institutions absolutely.  Such is the environment in which Fischer fought and lost his battle with the USA.

But history will show that Fischer won the war on the Grand Chessboard.  Kosovars and Serbs need to walk in Fischer's footsteps at Sveti Stefan and Belgrade and review the old Yugoslavia's forthright stand for Palestinian rights and the absurd comparison of Serb oppression of Kosovars with Zionist oppression of Palestinians.  This exercise will help them get their act together rather than be pawns in the Western elites' great game to subdue Islam and to secure Central Asia's resources.  And Bush's Texas Two Step gambit -- tying long overdue progress in Palestine with a superfluous protection racket against Iran -- has been soundly defeated!  Checkmate!  Exit Bobby Fischer from the world stage.

Stephen M. St. John
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Please visit and see how getting the location for Israel's next temple right can help the peace process enormously.
Here's a very recent example of a Jew adhering to the Talmudic Law of the Moser.  And it is told by an admiring toady, Andy Geller, a reporter for the pornographic New York Post (16 October 2008, page 19):




"Lefty" Rosenthal photo NYPost.JPG 


by Andy Geller of the New York Post, with the Times of London, AP and Scripps Howard
If you knew him at all, you knew him as Sam "Ace" Rothstein, the character Robert De Niro played in the 1995 movie, "Casino."
His real name was Frank "Lefty" Rosenthal.  He as a sports-betting pioneer.  And he really was the stuff of legends.
Rosenthal, who died of a heart attack in Miami Beach Monday at 79, ran four Las Vegas hotel casinos simultaneously in the 1970s and early 1980s --  without having a valid Nevada gaming license.
Everyone knew he was mobbed up, but he had his own TV show -- whose guests included Frank Sinatra and Bob Hope.
He could be ruthless.
He admitted to The Miami Herald that he ordered his security crew to crush the right hand of a card cheat he caught at the now-defunct Stardust Hotel -- just as De Niro's character did in "Casino."
Even though he ran a sports book from the Stardust, he survived numerous arrests and indictments for fixing football and basketball games.
He got his nickname "Lefty" because he took the Fifth Amendment 38 times during a 1961 US Senate hearing -- keeping his left hand up continuously while doing it.
"He's one of the originals," Nick Pileggi, the author and screenwriter of "Casino," said yesterday.  "When Lefty went down, the new Las Vegas emerged.  The corporate Las Vegas."
Frank Lawrence Rosenthal was born in 1929 in Chicago.
A one-time hot-dog stand owner, he formed an early association with Anthony Spilotro ("Tony the Ant"), who in the 1960s was linked to bribery attempts on university basketball and football players.
In 1971, the Chicago mob picked Spilotro to succeed veteran mobster Marshall Caifano as its Las Vegas representative, and he and Rosenthal joined forces in Sin City.
Rosenthal was the brains.  Spilotro, played by Joe Pesci in the Martin Scorsese-directed movie, was the muscle.
It was part of Rosenthal's mythology that when he arrived in Vegas, he was busted and told by a top cop, "You and your Chicago friends aren't welcome in this town.  I want you to catch the next flight out of here and don't come back."
It never happened.
Rosenthal became a sports-gambling pioneer and secretly ran the Stardust, Fremont, Hacienda and Marina casino hotels.
Eventually, Nevada authorities discovered that Rosenthal was running casinos without a state license, and in 1976, the Nevada Gaming Control Commission held a hearing to determine if Rosenthal was fit to hold one.
The board denied Rosenthal a license, but he appealed and won.
The decision was only overturned in 1988, when the state of Nevada placed him in its "black book," banning him in or near any casino.
Still, Rosenthal boasted that he slipped in and out of Sin City wearing disguises.
Unlike many of his associates, he was able to avoid a violent death.
In 1982, he survived a car bombing of his Cadillac Eldorado outside a Las Vegas restaurant.  A metal plate under the seat -- there is a debate as to whether it was installed as personal armor -- saved his life.
Rosenthal was taken to a local hospital with minor burns on both legs, his left arm and on the left side of his face.
True to his code, he refused to sign a crime report or discuss the matter with cops.
Rosenthal and Spilotro fell out after the latter began an affair with Rosenthal's wife, Geri, a casino hustler.
In 1986, Spilotro and his brother, Michael, were killed by being buried alive as part of mob wars in Chicago.
Geri, who inspired a character played by Sharon Stone in "Casino," eventually abandoned Rosenthal and died of a drug overdose.
After being placed in the black book, Rosenthal left Las Vegas and settled in Florida, handicapping sports events, running a gambling Web site and serving as a consultant for offshore casinos.
In a 2005 interview with the Miami Herald, he described giving the order to crush the right hand of the card shark.
"He was part of a crew of professional card cheats, and calling the cops would do nothing to stop them, so we used a rubber mallet -- metal hammers leave marks, you know -- and he became a lefty," he said.
"I didn't care if they tried to scm other houses, I just wanted to make it clear that they couldn't do it at mine."
Rosenthal denied he was a frontman for the mob.
"I ran my casinos.  The mob had nothing to do with my casinos," said the gambler, claiming he got a job at the Stardust by filling out an application.
"As the CEO for four casino properties, and with the consent of the chairman of the board, those properties maintained the very highest industry standards."
Rosenthal said his secret was merging street smarts with advanced statistics and probability.
"You can make the odds work in your favor when you study gaming as a science," he said.
With The Times of London, AP and Scripps Howard
What a mensch!
So far, the examples of the Talmudic Law of the Moser which have been given on this web page have happened in the past and are water under the bridge so to speak.
Now I give you a likely instance of the Talmudic Law of the Moser at work right now (as of 4 September 2012).
Consider the following timeline, then read my letter to Santa Clara County (California) District Attorney Jeffrey F. Rosen at


09 January 2012          My Grand Juror application is submitted at the Superior Court of California in San Jose in which my presentment of 9/11 airport video fraud by Michael Chertoff is previewed.

19 January 2012          The Jewish Telegraphic Agency (JTA) announces a March 2012 visit by Israeli President Shimon Peres to Silicon Valley.

05 March 2012            President of Israel Shimon Peres visits San Jose in Silicon Valley.

06 March 2012            President of Israel Shimon Peres visits Palo Alto in Silicon Valley and San Francisco.

07 March 2012            President of Israel Shimon Peres visits Mountain View in Silicon Valley.

07 March 2012            Presiding Judge Richard Loftus announces extension for deadline for Grand Juror applications.  At this point in time I had yet to receive an acknowledgement of my 09 January Grand Juror application.

08 March 2012            President of Israel Shimon Peres concludes visit to Silicon Valley.

15 March 2012             Letter e-mailed to Santa Clara County District Attorney Jeffrey F. Rosen.

22 March 2012             Handwritten letter hand-delivered to District Attorney Jeffrey Rosen's receptionist.

10 April 2012               Designated copy of letter to a law firm in Palo Alto e-mailed to DA Jeffrey Rosen.

07 May 2012                Letter sent by US Postal Service to Presiding Judge Richard Loftus.

23 May 2012                President Barack Obama cancels event in Palo Alto and arrives for overnight stay in San Jose.

24 May 2012                President Barack Obama departs from San Jose and Silicon Valley before noon.

25 May 2012                Judge Loftus finally replies to my letter of 7 May.

08 June 2012               Fourth and probably final letter to DA Jeffrey Rosen can be viewed here.  Does the undeniable conspiracy of silence and of shunning dovetail here with obedience to the Talmudic Law of the Moser?  Was Peres on a rescue mission for fellow Zionist Michael Chertoff?

complaint of judicial misconduct docketed under Misellaneous Number 01-0030 on 1 June 2001 by the Clerk of the United States Court of Appeals, 11th Circuit  (More about this as time allows.)

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