Double Crossing Liberty

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What good comes from a BIG LIE?

Double Crossing Liberty

Given the colossal intelligence failures leading to 9/11, and the ominously unfathomable intelligence apparatus that mushroomed out of control in the wake of the attacks on our nation, as reported by the Washington Post from the National Counterterrorism Center at Liberty Crossing in Virginia, we must consider the likelihood that confusion is the intended result of a beefed-up but virtually disconnected intelligence community.

To overcome such confusion, Americans need to discern the difference between a ruse of war against an enemy and a ruse to fool people into waging war.  The latter is what happened on 9/11.  A high tech false flag military intelligence operation created a pretext to put American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol in fulfillment of Zionist Neoconservative objectives.

Clearly, certain folk in our intelligence and law enforcement communities have something to hide.  The 9/11 “Dulles Airport” video surveillance tape – used to promote the publisher’s release of the false and misleading 9/11 Commission Report in 2004 and to convict Zacharias Moussaoui in 2006 – is a total fraud.  Passersby who are seen in the far, far background of the purported “Dulles Airport” video cast shadows from the sun which do not jibe with the US Department of Justice’s scenario.  The sun and its shadows are unimpeachable witnesses, and basic geometry and astronomy give the proof.  The video could not possibly have been made at Washington Dulles International Airport, but was made elsewhere, at a place and time as yet unknown, and then it was falsely presented as a Dulles video first to a believing public and then to a believing jury.  How do you dare to analyze that and still keep your job at Liberty Crossing?

We have never seen any credible 9/11 video surveillance evidence of any of the passengers – let alone hijackers – at any of the three “Category X” high security airports from which the flights of 9/11 are said to have originated.  This fact alone – and this is just the tip of the iceberg – should have given us very good reason not to invade Afghanistan and Iraq, and it should now be the determining factor in our decision to leave these nations and start paying them restitution.

Just weeks after 9/11, Afghanistan’s Taliban government made a good faith proposal to deliver to us Osama Bin Laden on condition that we show evidence of his culpability.  The bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” video clearly shows why the US Government lacked the good faith required to reciprocate the Taliban’s reasonable offer.  Moreover, our government’s fraudulent use of the bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” video indicates foreknowledge and preparation for 9/11.  Foreknowledge and preparation for 9/11 constitute elements of the supreme international war crime which is, according to the Nuremberg Principles, to initiate a war of aggression.

Foreknowledge and preparation for 9/11 also mean treason here at home.  Until we act to remove the strong delusion about 9/11 with an honest investigation, treason will be double crossing liberty here and abroad.  Let’s pass the torch of freedom, not the cup of treason!


© Stephen M. St. John 2010  The author is President of Metatron, a think tank, and maintains a website at


The photo above is a still taken from a video surveillance tape that was presented as evidence by the US Department of Justice at the trial of Zacharias Moussaoui in 2006.  The US Government falsely said the video shows five Arabs arriving at Washington Dulles International Airport on the morning of 11 September 2001 shortly before they boarded American Airlines Flight 77 which they hijacked and crashed.  But as Google Earth’s satellite imagery shows below, the parallel main runways at Dulles go north/south at 10 and 190 degree headings and ground passengers come and go at the north face of the Main Terminal which is between the runways and directly adjacent to the traffic oval.  How, then, can one explain the sun’s shadow (a close-up appears below) cast by a passerby in the far background of the film?  The shadow points toward the north face of the Main Terminal!  This is impossible when the sun rises in the east and casts shadows westward as it did on the morning of 9/11.  Therefore, the video is bogus in that it could not possibly have been made at Dulles, but was filmed elsewhere and then falsely presented to a jury as a Dulles video.  See




Dulles Airport from 13045 feet


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