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This is my response of 18 August 2011 to an open "call for evidence" on the current state of investigative journalism from the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications after the telecommunications hacking scandal put Rupert Murdoch's media empire under close scrutiny.

Select Committee on Communications

House of Lords

London SW1A 0PW

United Kingdom

T 020 7219 8662

F 020 7219 4931


Lord Inglewood

Lord Bragg

Lord Clement-Jones

Baroness Deech

Baroness Fookes

Lord Gordon of Strathblane

Lord Macdonald of Tradeston

Bishop of Norwich

Lord Razzall

Lord St. John of Bletson

Earl of Selborne

Lord of Skelmersdale

Dear Members of the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications,

1.         I thank you all for your 22 July 2011 call for evidence pertaining to the future of investigative journalism in light of its current degenerate state.  This is a problem of international scope and not just local and national.  My response is that of an individual acting independently.

2.         And so, according to your published guidance for those submitting written evidence, I hereby make my submission in this e-mail to  This e-mail communication and the documents and evidence referenced in it appear separately as attachments in PDF and MS Office Word 2007 formats as follows:

                1.         This e-mail letter to the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications;

            2.         “Dulles Airport” Shadow disproves US Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory;

            3.         The Praxis of Evil’s other Form of Telecommunications Hacking;

            4.         When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing by William M. Arkin (MS Office Word only);

            5.1       Project Achilles:  Cellphone Experiments in a Light Aircraft by A. Dewdney (PDF only);

            5.2       The Cellphone & Airfone Calls from Flight UA93 by A. Kee Dewdney;

            5.3       The Olson Calls on 9/11:  Three Official Denials by David Ray Griffin;

            6.         9/11 Commission’s File on Edward Felt’s alleged cell phone call (PDF only);

            7.         9/11 Commission’s File on Marion Britton’s alleged phone calls (PDF only);

            8.         My résumé

3.         I am a citizen of the United States of America and a self-styled independent investigative journalist or, as you say, a “citizen journalist.”  My articles are self-published on my website,, which I launched in 2007.  My research focuses on Middle East peace and related issues, including the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.  9/11 will be my focus before this Select Committee.

4.         To get right to the point, I have discovered fraud in the US Government’s official account of what happened on 9/11.  After two full years of trying to expose this fraud, I have concluded there is a conspiracy of silence and of shunning surrounding my efforts to set the record straight and deal with the dreadful implications.  The “proper authorities” ignore me.  Worse still – and this is where I believe my struggle comes under the purview of this Select Committee – nearly all the media outlets that I’ve contacted simply ignore my communications.  The very few who have responded – for instance, the Wall Street Journal and Foreign Affairs – have declined to publish my findings after thanking me for having sent them.  Therefore, personal experience has taught me that the contribution and impact of “citizen and participatory journalism” are minimal if they are shunned by main stream and alternative news media for whatever reason or reasons.

5.         Yes, this sounds like the common complaint of rejected researchers and writers, but were it not for the very grave matters of state involved in my findings, I would more easily cease and desist.  So I gladly answer your open call for evidence as an opportunity to demonstrate my very own investigative journalism, which I invite you to judge for accuracy, fairness and perseverance in the pursuit of truth and justice in matters of great moment.  Please let my examples of “citizen journalism” serve as case studies for this Select Committee and its objectives.

6.         I will give just two examples:  my articles “’Dulles Airport’ Shadow disproves US Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory” and “The Praxis of Evil’s other Form of Telecommunications Hacking.”  Both articles you will please find attached.

7.         As to the first, “’Dulles Airport’ Shadow disproves US Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory,” this article shows that the 9/11 Commission Report (published 22 July 2004) gave false and misleading information based on fabricated evidence where it said of the alleged 9/11 hijackers at Washington Dulles International Airport:  “All five hijackers passed through the Main Terminal’s west security screening checkpoint….  The checkpoint featured closed-circuit television that recorded all passengers, including the hijackers, as they were screened.”  (From Chapter One, “We Have Some Planes,” 9/11 Commission Report, page 3)

8.         The surveillance video that allegedly recorded the five alleged hijackers at the Dulles Airport Main Terminal’s west security checkpoint is available on the United States Courts website at: where you scroll down to Exhibit NT00211 and click for download.  My photo analysis of this video resulted in my discovery in July 2009 that the video is a total fraud perpetrated with foreknowledge of the attacks of 9/11 by elements within the US Department of Justice.  (The first demonstration of my discovery, “’Dulles Airport’ Shadow casts Doubt on US Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory,” was e-mailed to nearly every member of this House of Lords with a published e-mail address on 30 August 2009 – and again on 18 September 2009 - and subsequently to nearly every head of state or head of government or foreign minister in advance of the September 2009 United Nations General Assembly meeting in New York.)

9.         I ask the members of this Select Committee to view the video once and then again with special attention to the passersby seen outside the terminal entrance in the far background of the video. (Especially for the latter task, some form of magnification is highly recommended.)  You will see that all the passersby cast shadows from the sun toward the closed circuit television camera.  These passersby appear to be traversing a wide sunlit plaza; from varying distances their shadows are cast in the same direction toward the camera.  A problem arises with these shadows when you consider that the camera was facing north.  If the shadows of the passersby all point to the camera, which is facing north, then the sun had to have been rising near the north cardinal point of the compass to cast shadows southward toward the camera.  This is impossible in Herndon, Virginia around 7:30 AM in September or any other time of day or year.  The video is therefore bogus in that it had to have been filmed elsewhere at a time and place as yet unknown and then falsely presented to the public and to a jury as having been filmed at Dulles Airport around 7:30 AM on 11 September 2001.

10.       How do I know the camera faced north?  In July 2009, I relied on the United States Courts website for the surveillance video itself, and on a combination of the Google Earth software program, knowledge of basic geometry and basic astronomy and a bit of intuitive reasoning.  By January 2011, feedback from the Associate Counsel of the Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority, Naomi Klaus, gave the authoritative framework within which one can compare the way the shadows point in the video with the way one would normally expect them to point.  All of this information in the form of edited aerial photos and letter from Ms. Klaus is on display in the Photo Gallery immediately following the text of “’Dulles Airport’ Shadow disproves US Government’s 9/11 Conspiracy Theory.”

11.       How do I know it was the sun casting shadows from the passersby seen outside the terminal entrance?  Well, this is actually an educated guess on my part.  The general brightness of the area seen outside the terminal entrance looks like sunshine.  The shadows of all the passersby, both far and near, are pointing in the same general direction.  Common sense tells me the sun is the source of light causing the shadows.  But if you have doubts about this, let me say there is other evidence that I have never before disclosed which is at least as strong as the issue of the shadows as proof positive the video could not possibly have been filmed at Dulles.  You see, if this purported “Dulles Airport” surveillance video was really filmed at Dulles Airport, you would see just outside the entrance a sidewalk and a roadway named Saarinen Circle after the Finnish-American architect of Dulles Airport’s Main Terminal, Eero Saarinen.  Specifically, you would see the departures ramp and ground traffic such as automobiles, taxis and buses bringing passengers for flights scheduled to depart.  Photos of the Main Terminal make this abundantly clear.  (Appendix B of my article shows one such photo.)  But the video does not show any of these features that you would expect to see if it was really filmed at Dulles International Airport.

12.       We all believe journalists should keep governments honest by keeping them accountable.  But in this instance of the bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” surveillance video, the news media was remiss in its watchman’s duty.  Worse, the news media spurned the warnings of another watchman; albeit this unaccredited, independent researcher and writer who assumes the role of a citizen investigative journalist.  And this is how the US Government fooled the public, fooled a jury, and fooled other nations into supporting unjustified and immoral invasions and occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.  Honest journalism could have prevented all of this from happening.  But there was no honest journalism.  Rather, there is obviously an unwholesome combination of government and journalism.  This chronic problem is a societal ill.  Integrity is ultimately what will safeguard the future of journalism no matter what the new parameters and platforms.

13.       The second example of my investigative journalism for your consideration is my article, “The Praxis of Evil’s other Form of Telecommunications Hacking.”  This was written shortly after the News of the World hacking scandal and is my reaction to the same events that brought about this Select Committee’s call for evidence.  (Copies were sent to the London Times and to each member of the House of Commons Culture, Media & Sport Committee but there were no replies.)  Although this article is comparatively new, it contains information developed long ago yet which still remains well out of range of the general public’s awareness and understanding; namely, the high tech voice impersonation capability known as real-time digital voice morphing.  The earliest reference to this technology of which I am aware is William M. Arkin’s article entitled “When Seeing and Hearing Isn’t Believing” which was published by the Washington Post of 1 February 1999.  (A copy of Arkin’s article is attached and can also be read at

14.       Among the first of the 9/11 skeptics to call into question the alleged cell phone calls from the flights of 9/11 is Alexander Keewatin Dewdney, a Professor Emeritus of Mathematics of the University of Western Ontario.  In his “Project Achilles” series published on his website (and attached below) Dewdney points out that the fuselage of a heavy jet airliner is in effect a kind of Faraday Cage, which, along with other considerations such as high speed and high altitude, makes sustained cell phone communications impossible.  But in the case of Edward Felt, a passenger who allegedly locked himself into a lavatory on United Airlines Flight 93 where he called on his cell phone and spoke with a 911 emergency dispatcher named John Shaw, we have an even better example of this kind of Faraday Cage; i.e., a heavy jet airliner’s lavatory having metal bars, frameworks or panels on every side including walls, door, ceiling and floor and no windows to compromise the shield.  So the very idea of Felt’s having made a “three to four minute” uninterrupted phone call from a lavatory on Flight 93 to Mr. John Shaw is so very highly unlikely as to be preposterous and worthy only of rejection.

15.       The only remaining explanation for Felt’s alleged call is impersonation by real-time digital voice morphing or perhaps a similar technology known by another name.  So convincing was the deception that, in an FBI interview during which a recording of Felt’s alleged call was played, Felt’s wife and daughters all believed it was indeed him because the voice sounded exactly like Edward Felt’s voice.  (A copy of the 9/11 Commission Files on Edward Felt’s alleged cell phone call is attached.)  But logic and scientific evidence show the call was a high tech impersonation, which puts all the other calls – both cell phone calls and air phone calls – in doubt.  Dewdney’s analysis of the transcripts of these other alleged calls is reminiscent of the techniques used by the great literary critic I. A. Richards to get at the meaning of a poem.  The script writers for these impersonators could not possibly pass muster for a B movie production!

16.       On a personal note, my boss, Marion Britton, who was the Assistant New York Regional Director of the United States Bureau of the Census, is said to have been on United Airlines Flight 93 along with Mr. Felt and about forty other people.  I know I never saw Marion again after 10 September 2001, but do not believe anything else that I’ve been told by the US Government and the main stream news media about what happened to Flight 93.  I have no doubt that Marion would have followed a certain protocol to report trouble to the office immediately.  Marion promulgated and practiced such procedure.  So the scenario given with such verve and alacrity by the news media is very highly unlikely in my mind.  However, the official story appears to make perfect sense if a high-tech impersonation of Marion was employed.  Without such an impersonation, there would not have been such a rapidly developed and sensational news “scoop” about cut throats; in this last regard I also note that Rupert Murdoch made enthusiastic use of the slogan “Let’s roll!” attributed to another Flight 93 passenger.  Even I believed it at first!  I’m sure Murdoch would also agree enthusiastically with his soul-mate Benjamin Netanyahu who has said repeatedly that “9/11 was good for Israel.”  Unfortunately for Netanyahu and Murdoch, the sheer lack of surveillance video evidence from Newark Airport of Marion or of any of the other Flight 93 passengers – including the alleged hijackers – aroused my suspicions and ultimately led to my discovery of the bogus 9/11 “Dulles Airport” surveillance video.

17.       The telephone hacking so unscrupulously employed by Rupert Murdoch’s employees and real-time digital voice morphing for the purpose of telephonic impersonation, which I have shown to be a very likely component of the heinous crimes of 9/11, are different kinds of telecommunications piracy.  Lebanon has become a laboratory where discoveries are being made in the field of telecommunications piracy.  Other forms of telecommunications piracy include infiltration of computer systems such as radar and flight control systems for the purposes of monitoring, intervention and sabotage.  Remote control piloting explains facts about the flights of 9/11 which are otherwise inexplicable.  But a conspiracy of silence surrounds these issues.  Traditional investigative journalism lapsed into an agency to stultify the public on these matters.

18.       What role does journalism play?  Let me repeat what I wrote in paragraph twelve:  We all believe journalists should keep governments honest by keeping them accountable.  In my two examples above, I have raised red flags undermining the official story of 9/11.  How can the merits of a journalist’s story be assessed?  Check the facts, the logic and the method employed by the journalist.  I believe I have given you two of the most important news items of the decade.  Compare my brand of “citizen journalism” with that which gave in a 31 July 2011 CBS News report concerning Pakistan these three utterances:  1) “a government official who spoke to CBS News on condition of anonymity confirmed….”; 2) an “ambassador speaking to CBS News on condition of anonymity said….”; 3) “a second western diplomat who also spoke on condition of anonymity to CBS News said…”!  I think the reporter had nothing to say but didn’t let that stop him from making a report anyway.  We need a law to make such reporting appear in red ink!

19.       How is the public interest defined and determined?  “Where there is no vision, the people perish.”  This proverb of Solomon describes the condition where fraud and force prevail.  A good king acts to prevent this condition; so do vigilant journalists who pursue truth and justice.  Without them, very strong delusion takes hold of entire societies around the globe, which is what has happened since 9/11.  We have seen that those who believe an absurdity will carry out atrocities.  We have seen in Operation Mockingbird how journalists work in combination with intelligence agencies for propaganda purposes.  But are people who have been fooled into supporting a war really free?  Are the perpetrators of bloody frauds promoting universal freedom?

20.       Once you get past the denial and face the unpleasant reality that you have been badly fooled about 9/11, only then can you start to ask the right questions.  I don’t pretend to have all the answers.  But I will be so bold as to note that the Talmud offers an explanation other than Islamo-fascism for the psychopathic hatred and cold-bloodedness and secrecy so necessary to pull off an event like 9/11 and put the blame on one’s enemies so as to start wars against them.  I mean no offense to the Jewish people, but merely wish to face facts.  Extremists among them are driven by beliefs that promote a sense of superiority and separateness and mandate to dominate which undermines the spirituality and real message of the Torah.  In this regard, Jesus very emphatically inveighed against the traditions and oral law of the Pharisees, all of which – and then some – has since been put in written form and is today known collectively as the Talmud. The fathers of the big lie made democracy the way to a house divided.  Bias and mean-spiritedness in media reporting and commentary serve only to promote a clash of cultures between Islam and Christianity and otherwise force people to fall into line.  “All the news that’s fit to print” has come to mean propaganda whose formula is:  bad news about Muslims is good news for Zionists and a good way to turn others into the enemy of our enemy.  A bogus “Dulles Airport” surveillance video and high tech telephone impersonations engineered to frame Arabs for the heinous crimes of 9/11 are just two examples among many, many others.

21.       So far I have seen all of the Harry Potter series except the Deathly Hallows Parts I & II; thus far I can say that all of them show at Hogwarts a near replica of the Stone of Scone Coronation Throne.  I’m also aware of a belief that monarchs have been anointed over this stone from as far back as the ancient Israelites right up to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II.  Sooner or later I will find out if this near replica throne is a Warner Brothers addition or an original concept in the author J. K. Rowling’s Harry Potter books.  Whatever the case may be, I see a strange kind of spin being put on the monarchy itself. Well, what, you ask, does any of this have to do with evidence of a 9/11 false-flag high-tech military-intelligence black operation designed to fool the American public and other nations into support of unjustified and immoral invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq?  Whatever the spin on the Stone of Scone Coronation Throne, this House of Lords Select Committee on Communications must affirm the sure foundations of the Throne are truth and justice and not fraud and force.  It is in England’s best interest to expose evil and not be silent in the face of evil.  This is the spirit in which I make my submission to this Select Committee, and in which I hope it will be received.  My two examples set forth above will hopefully generate an impetus toward a new and a real investigation of the crimes of 11 September 2001.  My prayer is for this House of Lords Select Committee on Communications to turn what is an untouchable “third rail” subject among virtually all politicians here in the USA into an irresistible force for positive change in how we regard 9/11 and Middle East affairs.

Very truly yours,

Stephen M. St. John


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