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US Rewards for Justice: An International 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal
Rewards for Justice & an International 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal

My purpose is to reverse the trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war.

Greetings to all members of the European Parliament from San José, California, the heart of Silicon Valley. Here in 1886 the idea of corporate personhood took root and began to transform a young and promising democracy into an overreaching global police state without a heart; here history’s first radio-broadcast lynching in 1933 evolved into decades of full spectrum fraud and force on a global high-tech scale (the San José Shake); here ex-President Herbert Hoover nurtured his hobby of transfer of Arab Semites from Palestine without their knowledge let alone their consent even as the Zionist Congress in Basel made such transfer its policy in 1937; here in 2018 high-tech control of information and expression stultifies minds lacking edification!  Such is the power of positive thinking to win hearts and minds and contracts to destroy nations and peoples while utterly insane violence runs rampant in the homeland!

Let me, a private citizen of the United States of America, give a brief follow-up to my Critique – with Recommendations – of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014, copies of which were emailed to each and every member of the European Parliament, among others, in the fall of 2016.  (The critique is published on my private website at  My purpose is to reverse the trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war.

Dutch Safety Board MH17 Fraud

Let me first recapitulate very briefly the main points of my critique of what I politely called the Dutch Safety Board’s “snow job” on the demise of MH17:

·         The Dutch Safety Board (DSB) avoided altogether the implications of unlawful flight interference as indicated by loss of GPS on other flights over Ukraine prior to the shootdown of MH17;

·         The DSB totally ignored the salient issue of no smoke trail from its alleged Buk missile;

·         The DSB gave paltry physical evidence of a Buk missile in the form of deformed “perforating” pre-formed missile fragments and absolutely no physical evidence whatsoever of a Buk missile in the form of pristine “non-perforating” pre-formed missile fragments, of which, if the DSB theory is correct, there should have been an abundance in the soft green fields beneath the site of the explosion;

·         The DSB imagined from hyped weather forecasts clouds in the forward track of MH17 even as it totally ignored in its conclusions its own contrary evidence from local airport meteorological reports of actual weather conditions at the time of the shootdown of MH17;

·         The DSB’s highly questionable renderings of the Cockpit Voice Recorder are plausible only if the hyped weather forecasts are accepted as factual, which, as the local airport meteorological reports and cell phone videos and eyewitness testimonies all indicate, they are not;

·         The DSB accepted as normal the very highly suspicious behavior of Ukrainian Air Traffic Control in its communications with MH17;

·         The DSB relied on unspecified secret evidence from unnamed foreign intelligence agencies, yet nevertheless shamefully maintains it acted independently despite this glaring lack of transparency and accountability and freedom from psychopathic world-conquering agendas;

·         The DSB, despite my previous warnings, remained virtually oblivious to the real and present dangers of space warfare, electronic warfare and, from lessons learned from 9/11, the hidden dangers of cybernetic telecommunications piracy to an aeroplane’s navigation, control and communications systems;

·         The sum of these many deficiencies of the DSB, which gives a very shaky foundation for the still on-going criminal investigation by the Joint Investigation Team, was neatly balanced by the return of Dutch gold that had been held in trust for decades by the very private “Federal Reserve Bank” in New York City.


The Dutch Safety Board informed me by email in the fall of 2016 that nothing that I had written in my critique would cause any change in its report; thus does this important component of a NATO member state continue on the path of darkness by stubbornly refusing to take the path of light and of truth and of justice with respect to the shootdown of MH17.

In the intervening fourteen months since I pointed out in my critique the egregious flaws of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on MH17,

·         the 60th anniversary of the founding Treaty of Rome was observed on 25 March 2017;

·         a most important United Nations Security Council Resolution, 2361, upholding a firm legal foundation for a Middle East peace agreement, was passed in New York on 29 June 2017;

·         aviation history was made in Germany on 13 July 2017;

·         an excellent framework for a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal was published in southern California in July 2017;

·         on 2 September 2017 in northern California and Washington DC, crude violations of the solemn agreement among nations with respect to the inviolability of diplomatic missions, which are tantamount to a cause of war, have been met with utmost restraint and patience worthy of a king of peoples’ hearts;

·         in October 2017 in Washington DC, the National Archives and Records Administration began the final releases of declassified documents related to the 22 November 1963 assassination of President John FitzGerald Kennedy, whose wise “two-way street” Middle East diplomacy and adamant opposition to the Zionist state’s nuclear weapons program (begun in 1956) ended on Elm Street in Dallas;

·         in Washington DC on 6 December 2017, President of the United States Donald J. Trump abandoned any and all pretense of the United States being an “even-handed broker of peace” between Zionists and the indigenous Semitic Arab people of Palestine when he declared Jerusalem to be an undivided city and capital of the Jewish state according to a 1995 law which the United States Congress had absolutely no standing to enact;

·         early in January 2018 in Washington DC, sparks of glory emanated from the White House where President Trump declared himself “a stable genius”!


All these events, and more, signal choices to be made by members of the European Parliament with respect to their governments’ partnerships with an aggressive police state that is totally unhinged from international law and its own constitution, as well as with respect to Europe’s worthy goal of unity and its impact on treaty obligations with the United Nations and North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO).

Founding Treaty of Rome (25 March 1957)

Members of the European Parliament can fully expect that the next provocation of “the West” will be long-awaited charges brought by the Joint Investigation Team against the Russian Federation and patriotic Ukrainians who resisted “the West’s” bloody, expensive, lucrative, immoral and illegal coup d’état against their legitimate government in Kiev in February 2014.  The Joint Investigation Team, which is the criminal investigation of the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine on 17 July 2014, relies on the false and misleading conclusions of the Dutch Safety Board’s final report on MH17.  Nothing good can come from this.  Beware!

In light of the foregoing, let me please suggest to the members of the European Parliament that a choice must be made by each member state of the European Union, and hopefully that choice will be to disengage from NATO and its United States-led military misadventures, which clearly feature an established pattern of fraud and force and yotta-watts of broadcast power (the San José Shake) to create its own reality as a pretext for its aggressions according to the psychopathic Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative doctrine of world domination.

The art of cooperation must triumph over the art of war by judicious choice of good over evil. This is the way to reverse the trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war. Otherwise, the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative quest for world domination by the military might of the United States of America will lead to its logical conclusion:  wars of choice with Iran, Russia, and China.  The Wolfowitz Doctrine and its antecedent and derivative policies and programs are a clear and present danger to a peaceful Europe.  Regime changes put people in very nasty dilemmas:  the treasonous segment that goes along with the provocateurs and invaders from abroad prosper, while those who resist interference by foreign criminals very often suffer the consequences.  NATO has degenerated into the blunt instrument of this psychopathic agenda.  Yugoslavia, an original signatory member state of the United Nations in 1945, was its first victim.  The “statesmen” and diplomats who gave a green light for the break-up of this founding member state of the United Nations committed the supreme war crime that predictably precipitated so much death and destruction of peoples who hitherto had been living together peacefully with mutual tolerance.  Do you really want more of this madness?

Brexit has already given the European Union momentum in the right direction, and a clean break with NATO will pull Europe back from the precipice of global war.  This matter is of utmost importance for Europe because NATO is now led by a “leader of the free world” who launches attacks on the basis of hastily trumped-up allegations (the San José Shake) while having a desert of chocolate cake with another visiting head of state who was rightly appalled by such stupid after-dinner entertainment.

The creation of the euro wiped out key foreign exchange operations of “the West,” which were ways to create wealth unrelated to the value of goods, services or investments.  These foreign exchange operations that were based on currency fluctuations and mathematics-in-a-flash were replaced by the “derivatives” scheme that will inevitably lead certain economies to free-fall collapse or sky-rocketing inflation.  Hence, the desperate need for opium from Afghanistan, the cash-flows of which give the Wall Street-City of London Ponzi scheme a little more time before all the due-dates become too much.  Prior to 9/11, the Taliban had nearly eradicated the cultivation of poppies in Afghanistan, but “the West’s” subsequent “liberation” of Afghanistan by the Mena Arkansas Drug Cartel – and its refusal to leave -- has brought this cultivation back at record levels.  Think!  Do you really want to be a part of this?  Keep your euro, but keep your unique national characteristics too.  And, lords a-leaping, do it with clean hands!

Peoples’ lives are at stake, including your own.  Thus, it would be a good idea to take a step back and renew commitments not only to a united Europe which were made 60 years ago in Rome, but also, more importantly, to the United Nations Organization, made 72 years ago in San Francisco, where founding members agreed that all members will be sovereign equals with mutual respect of sovereignty and territorial integrity of all member states.  How can European nations be truly equal sovereign states in a united Europe?  Will they lose their individual characteristics and cultures along with their borders?  In my opinion, it’s better to keep a common currency among nations comprising a united Europe, perhaps with state and corporate advertising right on the money as a unifying theme for commerce, and let unity evolve according to the natural order of democracy and the will of the people to coexist.  There is wisdom for humans in the old English proverb, “Birds of a feather flock together.” 

United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361

The United States of America and the Russian Federation jointly sponsored United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361 (UNSC Resolution 2361), which was unanimously approved by the Security Council on 29 June 2017.  Although 2361 is ostensibly a routine renewal of the mandate for the United Nations Disengagement Observer Force (UNDOF) that monitors the ceasefire between Israeli and Syrian forces in the Golan region, the 15-nation Security Council chiefly called upon the parties concerned to implement immediately its resolution 338 of 22 October 1973.  UNSC Resolution 2361 (2017) invokes with great emphasis UNSC Resolution 338 (1973), which calls for implementation of UNSC Resolution 242 (1967).

The stunning yet suppressed news of this historic vote makes me hope that the seemingly perpetual warfare in the Middle East will finally come to an end with a political solution based on international law and a true spirit of mutual compromise.  UNSC Resolution 2361 also clearly demonstrates that good relations between the USA and the Russian Federation can be a powerful force for good.  Members of the European Parliament should give this solid affirmation of international law their robust support.

As the sole author of An Eight Part Peace Proposal for Greater Jerusalem (, I believe that UNSC Resolution 2361 is a sure foundation for a lasting peace agreement that will be comprehensive in scope; i.e., an agreement that encompasses all fronts of the dispute involving the Zionist state and its immediate neighbors and regional powers.  UNSC Resolution 2361 (2017) calls for implementation of UNSC Resolution 338 (1973), which calls for implementation of UNSC Resolution 242 (1967).  UNSC Resolution 242 is the actual starting point of my peace proposal.  It is a truly American proposal in the purest sense, without the blunt force and broadcast fraud of the gun-to-the-head United States diplomacy.  Its call for territorial adjustments is a truly unique and original and democratic idea inspired by the only provision of the Constitution of the United States which has never been implemented.  My proposal also shows from Scripture the correct location for the next physical Israelite temple, and also demonstrates from Scripture that the historical “Temple Mount” location of the first two temples is not the prophesied site of the final temple.  (For believers, know that you have been deceived; for non-believers, consider that I beat the religious establishment at its own game!)  In 1993 the government of Lebanese President Rafiq Hariri (requiescat in pace!) called my proposal “a truly egalitarian model for consideration.” (see

Aviation history made in Germany in 2017

For the very first time in the history of aviation, a government official has openly admitted that hostile hackers can commandeer a military jet.  In news reports of the newly established fifth branch of the German military, which will be devoted to cyber security (Reuters & Russia Today, 13 July 2017), Major General Ansgar Rieks, head of the German Military Aviation Authority, announced that German military aircraft will be fitted with protective systems to avert potential cyber-attacks.

Having been apprised by the German Aerospace Center (DLR) that hostile hackers can commandeer a military plane’s systems and operations from the ground with equipment worth about $5,700, General Rieks said that ignoring this frightening fact “would amount to gross negligence.”

Think of it!  How much more so would General Rieks’ assessment hold true for commercial airliners?  Is it not time for open discussion about cybernetic telecommunications piracy as a likely cause or contributing factor in many air disasters including MH17 and the terrorist shock & awe crimes of 9/11?  The citizens of the world are being held hostage by corporate and governmental secrecy laws and policies that hide from the public very real risks associated with flying on commercial jets.  As I have tried to demonstrate in my Critique – with Recommendations – of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, and other writings, this situation is intolerable!

Although we have not communicated or collaborated, I consider the statement of General Rieks to be a vindication of my theory of cybernetic telecommunications piracy as a kind of horizontal asymmetric warfare that goes at least as far back as 1981.  Zionist motives, means and opportunities are usually factors in these disasters.  (Like, if you don’t do as we say or take our hints on how to vote at the United Nations, you might have an accident or a mass murder-suicide.)  Such atrocities are entirely in accord with the extremist Talmudic ideology of separation, superiority and license to kill or otherwise use and abuse non-Jews with impunity.  This extremist Talmudic ideology manifests itself in the Mossad’s motto “By way of deception make war” and  the corresponding modi operandi of false flag operations, controlled chaos, controlled opposition, and a controlled news media.  Furthermore, the Talmudic Law of the Moser (Informer), whereby a Jew is prohibited from informing, directly or indirectly, on another Jew to a non-Jew, is a strong barrier to proper function of courts, law enforcement organizations, intelligence organizations and the news media, particularly here in the United States.  HAZE is a good mnemonic device or acronym to remember Horizontal Asymmetric Zionist Escalation.  HAZE leads to full-scale war.  Ignore this reality at the peril of your lives!

Let me just add that hostile hackers can commandeer a military or civilian plane’s communications and flight control systems and operations not just from the ground, but also from the sea, the air, and space. Also, any type of land, sea or aerial vehicle with computerized controls and a GPS system is a potential target for non-judicial termination.  Cybernetic Telecommunications Piracy is very nearly a perfect crime; it amounts to nefarious use of technical knowledge derived from very highly advanced electrical engineering.  Awareness of it is the first step toward countering it.  Cybernetic Telecommunications Piracy is the greatest security challenge of the 21st century for the international community.

Framework for a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal

Because the official account of what happened on 9/11 does not stand up to scrutiny, Europeans really ought to consider that they, like most Americans, have been played for fools by the perpetrators of a ruse to commence unjustified, immoral, illegal, ill-advised but lucrative wars in the Middle East.  Moreover, Europeans would do well to consider 9/11 not as an internal affair of the United States of America, but rather as a world-changing event that cries out for a new and a real investigation in an international venue. In this regard let me also point out that the current migration and terrorism crises in Europe, just like the perpetual wars initiated in Afghanistan in 2001 and Iraq in 2003, actually began in the United States of America at the airport gates on 11 September 2001.  Therefore, Europeans need to investigate this root cause of so much human misery today because their American partners have failed to do so and remain unable to do so.

The July 2017 publication of Bush and Cheney:  How They Ruined America and the World, by David Ray Griffin, provides a framework for a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal where truth and justice will finally expose the real warmongering perpetrators of 9/11 and stop their still ongoing wars.  I highly recommend Doctor Griffin’s book to all the citizens of this Earth, particularly to the members of the European Parliament, both to raise awareness of the root cause of today’s troubles and to guide investigations and prosecutions of those who initiated aggressive wars by a ruse known as “9/11.”  As United States Supreme Court Justice Robert Jackson, the American author of the Nuremberg Principles, let it be known in 1945:  to initiate aggressive war is the supreme war crime because it engenders so many other war crimes (my paraphrase).

Doctor Griffin acts as the conscience of an otherwise distracted nation.  Although a renowned theologian, he unofficially but quite capably takes the place of a judge by organizing and presenting a vast amount of material and reducing it to considerations of law and fact, all of which lead to the inescapable conclusion of actionable war crimes not just in the long aftermath of 9/11 but also in the actual execution of the attacks on New York and Washington.  Bush and Cheney:  How They Ruined America and the World, is divided into two parts; Part I lists the ill effects resulting from 9/11 both here in the United States of America and abroad, and Part II deals with the false and misleading conclusions of the 9/11 Commission Report and how they cannot possibly be true, unless you believe in a multitude of coincidental miracles that defy basic scientific principles and the norms of rational analysis. 

Although Doctor Griffin does not invoke the Nuremberg Principles or explicitly call for a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal in his book, I find that his Bush and Cheney:  How They Ruined America and the World, if taken by rightly motivated and professionally competent persons to its logical and ultimate conclusion, provides good gist for Nuremberg style prosecutions leading to punishments and unprecedented levels of restitution.  Members of the European Union have proper standing in this case because its NATO members were led by lies into both Afghanistan and Iraq and beyond and as a direct consequence of these deceptions have suffered directly from the resultant migration and terrorism crises.  So I urge each member of the European Parliament to join together to create the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.

A unified Europe is more apt than the United States to shake off the odious legacy of having destroyed nations and peoples, most of whom happen to be Semites.  How can one be more anti-Semitic than bombing defenseless Arab Semites “into the Stone Age,” or unlawfully using white phosphorous against the civilian Arab Semitic population in Falluja?  So saying “yes!” to a unified Europe and saying “no!” to a deceitful and aggressive United States-led NATO is the only way to go.  A 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will provide a very nice divorce settlement.

The aggressive instincts of our new President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, indicate a smooth continuation of the psychopathic Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative agenda to divide and conquer and rule the world with the military might of the United States of America.  By its full spectrum fraud and force,  perpetual war will be maintained unless Europeans stand up and say “enough!”  The onus to stand up and say “enough” rests on American shoulders too, but invasive control of communications and information is a stumbling block here in the United States.  The official story of 9/11 is now a Zionist fable well rooted in American culture.  Our information jugular has been cut!  So build in Nuremberg a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal Court with a dock for the accused prisoners in the size and shape of a minor league baseball stadium.  And expedite extraditions in the language that the “deep state” in the United States understands very well:  “turn them over for trial or we will impose very tough sanctions.”

David Ray Griffin deserves the nations’ thanks and highest honor for his courageous efforts in the pursuit of truth and justice, the sure foundations of peace.  Here I attempt a brief survey of his book.

Part One:  How the Bush-Cheney Administration Ruined America and the World

In Chapter One:  The Failure to Prevent 9/11, David Ray Griffin (DRG) very briefly deals with the new phenomenon of OraclePresident Donald J. Trump, and how Trump during the presidential campaign debates with former Florida Governor John Bush seemed to blame his brother, former President George W. Bush, for not preventing 9/11 from happening.  But later developments, unknown to me at the time of publication of Doctor Griffin’s book, reveal that Trump himself is the King of Fake News about 9/11.  I explore this hitherto unnoticed aspect of Trump’s rise to power in the final section of this letter, entitled Sparks of Glory in Washington:  Donnie Cupcakes declares himself “a stable Genius”!

In Chapter Two:  The War on Terror and the Afghanistan War, DRG concludes from careful weighing of the evidence that the October 2001 attack on Afghanistan was deceitful, immoral, illegal, ill-advised, and disastrous on a very large scale.  I can almost hear the Taliban at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal say, “the invaders still cannot show us evidence that Osama Bin Laden and Al Qa’ida were the perpetrators of the 11 September 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.”  I can almost hear George W. Bush tell the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal why he saw fit not to show the Taliban the evidence against Bin Laden and al Qa’ida when doing so would have removed the necessity of sending troops to Afghanistan.  I can almost hear the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal ask Bush and Cheney to lay out the evidence they had against Bin Laden and Al Qa’ida.  Will it be more than Satam As-Suqami’s pristine passport found in the rubble of Ground Zero in New York after having passed through a raging inferno?  Or the neatly folded red “terrorist” headband found near an empty hole in the ground in Shanksville, Pennsylvania?

In Chapter Three:  Military Spending, Preemptive War, Regime Change, DRG explores the neoconservative movement’s documented quest for empire by means of the military might of the United States, which ultimately led to a remark by a three-star general in late 2001 to the effect that the Pentagon was going to take out Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.  I can almost hear that general under examination at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal!  How did Yemen get added to the mix?  I can already hear at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal the testimonies of United States military officers who were purged by President George W. Bush in the early stages of the “war on terror.”

In Chapter Four:  The Iraq War, DRG again explores more of the neoconservative movement’s documented quest for empire by means of the military might of the United States, going as far back as 1981, when Albert Wohlstetter expressed his wish to put American muscle on Mesopotamian patrol.  The lies and propaganda against Saddam Hussein are recounted.  I can almost hear former Secretary of State Colin Powell’s lament from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal that his lies about Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction before the United Nations Security Council damaged his reputation!  Never mind millions upon millions of innocent civilians killed, maimed, starved and made homeless!  I can already hear from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal the testimony of United States Marine Corps General James “Mad Dog” Mattis on the use of “Willy Pete” (the banned substance white phosphorous) on the civilian population of Fallujah in Iraq.

In Chapter Five:  Islamophobia, DRG gives a capsule history of Islamophobia, from its medieval and early modern roots, through Orientalist “scholarship,” the notion of an impending clash of civilizations, the spark of 9/11 to set off the bloodlust, the new post-USSR 9/11 rationale for the neoconservative quest for world domination or empire, to today’s Islamophobia Industry working 24/7 to control the masses through fear and hate.  A question occurred to me concerning the supposedly inevitable clash of civilizations:  how is it that the indigenous Semitic Arab Moslems did not wipe out the earliest Zionist settlers in Palestine, when the Zionist population was less than 10% of the total population?  If there really is such an inevitable clash of civilizations, who has been doing all the pushing all along?

But let’s not forget the huge damage done by the vile portrayal of Arabs and Muslims over the past century by the vile minds in the film industry in Hollywood.  I can almost hear myself telling the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal about my encounters in Los Angeles in 1984 and 1985 with a man who warned me that my association with Arabs and Muslims, and  my advocacy of the just cause of the survivors of the deliberate Zionist attack on the United States Navy intelligence ship, the USS Liberty (please see, were not only a block to career advancement, but also harmful for my health.  These warnings were threats from an otherwise personable man whom I actually liked.  This guy seemed obsessed with guns and ammo, and once described to me how he could take down the Equitable Building on Wilshire Boulevard, near our residences, with properly shaped and placed explosives.  So after my Semitic Palestinian Arab friend and colleague Alex Odeh was killed by a bomb in his office in Santa Ana on 11 October 1985 soon after the appearance of an ominous cartoon on the editorial page of the Los Angeles Herald-Examiner, I expressed my concerns in a series of letters and personal visits and phone calls to FBI offices in New York and Washington (please see and  Apparently I had been deceived by my neighbor’s use of a false name and identity, and barring confusion of face over time, I recognized this man from news photos as Admiral Michael Mullen when then President George W. Bush promoted him to Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in October of 2007.  My attempts to clarify the situation failed.  So from my own very personal point of view, a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will make proper discovery of this matter.  Mullen was born and raised in Hollywood and apparently adapted very well to its anti-Arab anti-Semitic culture.  He’s a natural at perception management.  His professed ability to take down a steel and concrete high-rise office building with explosives is relevant to a new and real investigation of 9/11.  So is his training at Monterey in operations research.  His post-9/11 promotion to the highest rank in the military by a president who had purged military officers for lack of zeal in believing the official account of 9/11 or lack of zeal in the post-9/11 war mongering and war making is also relevant and worthy of the attention of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  I can almost hear Mullen answer the question from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal, “Have you ever kissed the Blarney Stone?”

In Chapter Six:  Global Chaos, DRG describes the United States war for the Greater Middle East as having started in 1953 with the overthrow of a democratically elected government in Iran and the installation of a dictator in its place.  Oil seems to be a prime consideration in these matters.  But it is also apparent that wherever the United States places its hand, ruin ensues.  DRG covers the attack on Libya and Gaddafi and how this attack was based on lies.  The subsequent chaos that was unleashed in Libya included the needless and cruel destruction of Libya’s irrigation system that was created by Gaddafi and called the “eighth wonder of the world.”  NATO’s attack, he demonstrates, also resulted in negative consequences for the entire region.  DRG also covers the attack on Syria and its popularly-elected president, Bashar al-Assad, from long-laid plans of the Zionists and neoconservatives to destabilize Syria to seeding 2011 protests with outside agitators to the rather shocking idea of ISIS as a covert western asset and finally to the refugee crisis.  DRG also covers the Israel/Palestine situation and the lopsided support of the United States for Israel.  I can almost hear at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal the clear and concise testimony of Massachusetts Institute of Technology Professor Theodore Postol on how the reports of chemical attacks by the government of Syria, both in 2013 and in 2017, cannot possibly be true.  The people telling the lies have to be held to account.  There is a clear pattern of fraud and force in the foreign policy decisions of the “deep state” in the United States of America as well as in the news media’s use of weapons of mass discussion.  I look forward to the day when the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will hold this praxis of evil to account.

In Chapter Seven:  Drone Warfare and International Law, DRG gives a comprehensive analysis of drone warfare, its putative justification and the opposing argument that it is assassination of defenseless individuals who are not in war zones and have not been convicted of any crime whatsoever, let alone any offense that justifies extrajudicial elimination.  At the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal I can already hear the voices of those whose lives have been impacted by loss of family members and friends or by being maimed after surviving the airborne carnage of a drone.  Let those who are responsible for such carnage face their accusers and defend themselves from the charges of cold-blooded murder.  Let’s hear Barack Obama explain from the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal dock how he ordered certain individuals to be placed on kill lists so as to have them assassinated by a drone from out of the blue.  Let’s hear Dick Cheney explain from the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal dock how he authorized the CIA to create hit teams to kill terror suspects.  Let’s hear him explain the difference between a terrorist and a terror suspect.

In Chapter Eight:  Shredding the Constitution, DRG explains in detail how “the Bush-Cheney administration used the 9/11 attacks to shred the Constitution of the United States with regard to separation of powers, the Bill of Rights, and the prohibition of torture, almost completely changing the original meanings of the First, Fourth, and Fifth Amendments, as well as torture.”  I can almost hear each and every member of the United States Congress standing in the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal dock answer “yes” or “no” to the question, “Did you actually read the Patriot Act?”  I can already hear them answer the question, “Did you question the total lack of 9/11 video surveillance evidence at Newark and Logan airports before authorizing President Bush’s use of force?”  etc. etc. etc..  DRG reminds us that due process in the United States involves the right to a fair judicial trial with many procedures, including the right to have the assistance of counsel; the right to know one’s accuser and the evidence against one; the right to confront and cross-examine that person; the right to have decision based solely upon a record generated in open proceedings; as well as the right to present argument and evidence on one’s own behalf.  In this regard, I am reminded of another shameful breakdown of due process in the United States, whereby, as officials in the Department of Justice have argued, due process can “be satisfied by internal deliberations in the executive branch”; namely, the case in Germany against Munir Motassedeq.  Having had 9/11-related convictions overturned twice in German Courts for lack of evidence, Motassedeq was finally nailed with substitute testimony delivered by a United States Attorney on behalf of the alleged mastermind of 9/11, Khalid Sheikh Mohammed!  This was about the time we began to hear of the unusual 5+1 designation of the United Nations Security Council plus Germany!  The breakdown of law at home has its pernicious effects abroad.  Welcome to the United States!

In Chapter Nine:  Nuclear Holocaust, DRG concisely describes in detail the Neoconservative goal of regime change in Russia by encircling it with missile installations and deployment of other military forces along Russia’s border and also by economic warfare through imposition of sanctions.  He then describes the 2014 regime change in Kiev which was engineered by the Neoconservatives, particularly Victoria Nuland, the sister-in-law of Frederick Kagan, who had strongly advocated for Ukraine’s reorientation toward Europe.  This bloody coup d’état was immoral, illegal and ill-advised.  In my opinion, the Neoconservatives – I prefer to call them the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative praxis of evil – made a very serious miscalculation when they instigated the Maidan uprising because historically Kiev is the actual birthplace of the Russian nation, and the bond holding Russia and Ukraine together is very strong even when it appears to be weak.  The Russians will not roll over for the psychopathic agenda of the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservatives.  And fighting the Russians will not be like bombing a Pakistani wedding by remote control of a drone.  The shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine on 17 July 2014 is shown by DRG for what it is:  a deliberate provocation to frame and blame Russians and the Ukrainians of eastern Ukraine who remained loyal to the government that was illegally and immorally overthrown months before in Kiev.  False charges became the basis for immediate additional sanctions against Russia even though no proof was offered to back these charges.  The overall effect is to paint the Russians as barbaric, cold-blooded killers to persuade the public to accept the necessity of fighting them. This was the San José Shake!  Not a very fair shake!  And, as previously stated, there is more to come with the pending announcement of charges by the Joint Investigation Team.

Chapter Ten:  Ecological Holocaust  is a reminder that too much carbon dioxide and methane in earth’s atmosphere and ocean acidification are leading to the destruction of the earth, at which point terrorism and state-sponsored shock & awe crimes will no longer matter!  What is more, methane is combustible.  Huge amounts of methane released from melting ice formations and permafrost could potentially be ignited by volcanoes, by nuclear or thermonuclear detonations, or even by scientific experiments or military exercises involving use of lasers for immense power generation.  In this regard I am reminded of 2 Peter 3:10, where it is said that on a certain day “the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.”  Add to this what British scientist Ernest Rutherford said in jest in 1903 soon after his discovery of the immense amount of energy released by radioactive decay, that with such nuclear energy “some fool in a laboratory might blow up the Universe unawares.”  Many a truth has been spoken in jest!  Even so, mutual respect, care, compassion and righteous action might lead to a good outcome.  That is my hope, anyway.  The Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative drive for world dominance or empire is dangerous psychopathic behavior and must be curtailed and eliminated as soon as possible.

Part Two:  9/11:  A Miraculous Day

Chapter Eleven:  Why Bush and Cheney Should Not Be Trusted on 9/11 deals with the many complexities involved in pulling off a false flag military intelligence operation and cover-up of what really happened.  The need for a new and a real investigation becomes obvious as DRG examines closely the evidence that the official account of 9/11, which originated from Bush and Cheney and their agencies, is false.  Besides declassified documents and testimonies that refute central features of the published official account of 9/11, DRG points to violations of the laws of nature as the other wobbly leg on which the 9/11 myth stands.  These violations of the laws of nature are called “miracles” and are covered in all the following chapters twelve through fifteen.  A 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will discover that the sheer number of miracles that took place on 9/11 is yet another miracle unto itself.  Already I can hear Cheney speak from the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal dock (after having waited on line on the cold concrete floor to speak to his lawyers on a collect call from the pay phone provided for defendants), as he explains Secretary of Transportation Norman Mineta’s 9/11 eyewitness account of his interactions with a young man who warned him repeatedly of a jet fast approaching Washington, and who at one point asked Cheney, “Do the orders still stand?”  To which, Mineta said, Cheney replied, “Of course the orders still stand.  Have you heard anything to the contrary?”  At a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal we will finally have proper discovery and find out who that young man was and what were the orders.  As DRG rightly surmises, the orders apparently had nothing to do with stopping the attack on the Pentagon.  A 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will examine the then Director of the FBI, Robert Mueller, who presided over the 9/11 investigation and is overdrawn on his account with the Intergalactic Treasurer of extraordinarily coincidental miracles such as, for example, Edward Felt’s technically impossible cell phone call from the lavatory of United Flight 93 before it supposedly crashed in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, which I cite in my Critique – with Recommendations – of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine.

In Chapter Twelve:  The Miraculous Destruction of the Twin Towers, DRG concisely explains how the official 9/11 account of the collapses of the World Trade Center Twin Towers, which maintains that damage from the collisions of the fuel-laden jets, the ensuing fires, and gravity were the only contributing factors, cannot possibly be true – unless you believe in a swarm of miracles.  An honest assessment of the scientific evidence, he shows, flatly contradicts the findings of the politically driven investigations that ignored, dismissed, and denied such evidence.  He points to numerous eyewitness testimonies of explosions inside the Twin Towers, and how these testimonies very soon disappeared from TV, radio, and newspaper reports in a classic example of what I call the San José Shake.  The false and misleading yotta-watt broadcasts literally flooded the earth and overwhelmed mankind.  Already I can hear at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal expert testimonies demonstrating at least fifteen descriptive characteristics of controlled demolitions of the Twin Towers by explosives, as well as expert testimonies demonstrating the sheer lack of at least four descriptive characteristics of a mechanical failure due to structural damage, fire, and gravity only.  I can almost hear Betsy DeVos, our Secretary of Education and sister of Blackwater war-profiteer Erik Prince, explain before the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal why, after 17 years, a study of the 9/11 collapses of the Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7 is not part of the STEAM curriculum in schools throughout the United States.  (STEAM is the acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics.)

In Chapter Thirteen:  The Miraculous Destruction of WTC 7, DRG takes on the unique problem of the collapse of World Trade Center 7, which was supposedly the result of fire and gravity only.  The 9/11 Commission Report simply ignored the collapse of WTC 7, which was also known as the Salomon Brothers Building, whose tenants included the Central Intelligence Agency and the financial services company Salomon Brothers, where Michael Bloomberg, who later became a four-term Mayor of New York City, maintained his office.  Like the Twin Towers, DRG shows, WTC 7 exhibited all the descriptive characteristics of a controlled demolition and none of the descriptive characteristics of a mechanical collapse due to fire and structural failure.  Also like the Twin Towers, molten steel lingered under the rubble of WTC 7 for well over two months.  The temperatures involved were extraordinarily and mysteriously high.  Weirdly high.  Already I can hear at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal scientists from Applied Research Associates, Scandia National Laboratories, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, among others, and perhaps others of parts yet unknown, explain the bizarre phenomena of Ground Zero, and how Al Qa’ida could bring explosives from JFK Airport to the World Trade Center in a midnight caravan without any trace whatsoever of camel-droppings.  If we can spend over a trillion borrowed dollars to free the women of Afghanistan of their burkas, maybe a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal will remove any and all gag orders placed on scientists and other witnesses with the threat of European Union sanctions on the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and Israel.  They speak and understand sanctions.  They speak and understand force.  Sanctions and force will work!  The truth will set us free!

In Chapter Fourteen:  The Miraculous Attack on the Pentagon, DRG deals in detail with the 9/11 strike on the Pentagon and points to yet two more miracles; namely, the humanly impossible flight of American Airlines Flight 77 and the technically impossible phone calls of Barbara Olson that were allegedly made from that flight to her husband, the Solicitor General of the United States, Theodore Olson.  DRG mentions the possibility of remote-control of the aircraft, and rightly concludes that Theodore Olson’s accounts of having received a call from his wife Barbara are simply not true.  Already I can hear before the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal the exposition of my theory of Cybernetic Telecommunications Piracy as the best explanation of both phenomena; namely, the commandeering of the communications and flight control systems of a jet by remote control and high-tech real-time digital voice morphing for the nefarious purpose of impersonation by phone.  Another example of this is given in my Critique – with Recommendations – on the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, where I describe a technically impossible cell phone call from the lavatory of United Airlines Flight 93 by Edward Felt.

In Chapter Fifteen:  The Miraculous Transformations of Mohamed Atta, DRG shows conclusively that Mohamed Atta was the real composer of what is generally thought to be Mozart’s hauntingly beautiful Prague Symphony, and that the regularly featured Op-Ed columnist of the New York Times, the late William Safire, was Atta’s concert barker (just kidding!).  Here DRG deals with the alleged ringleader of the alleged 9/11 hijackers, Mohamed Atta, and cites a certain persona that was broadcast by the news media incessantly (the San José Shake).  By way of contrast, DRG also gives us a portrayal of Atta and his character from those who actually knew him well.  The transformation of the real Mohammed Atta into the symbol of hatred, as DRG points out, would require a miracle or, I would suggest, identity theft and impersonation as a component of a false-flag black military intelligence operation.  Already I can hear at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal the testimony of Dutch national Rudi Dekkers, who ran a flight school attended by the Mohamed Atta character at the CIA Mena Arkansas Drug Cartel airport in Venice, Florida.  I can also hear the testimonies of key personnel of ICTS-International, a Dutch security services company whose board of directors consisted of Israeli nationals with military intelligence backgrounds with the sole exception of one Dutch national – the comptroller – and whose contractual obligations included security at the gate at Logan International Airport through which Mohammed Atta and his associates allegedly boarded American Airlines Flight 11 before crashing it into the World Trade Center.  It would seem that Mohammed Atta’s business in the United States had Dutch associations from beginning to end, from his flight school in Venice, Florida to Boston Logan International Airport.

David Ray Griffin’s Bush and Cheney:  How they ruined the United States and the World is a source book that will lead to many investigations, depositions, examinations, and prosecutions at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  I hope that each and every member of the European Parliament will help make this happen.

Raid on Russian Federation Consulate in San Francisco

On 2 September 2017 in northern California and Washington DC, crude violations of the solemn agreement among nations with respect to the inviolability of diplomatic missions, which is tantamount to a cause of war, have been met with utmost restraint and patience worthy of a king of peoples’ hearts.  But for how long will this restraint last?  Patience has its limits.

The Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state” that commands the thuggish foreign policy of the United States, including its irrational aggressiveness, Russophobia, pipeline envy, pipeline control complex, and news media control mania, relies on NATO to join and follow through on its needless but self-aggrandizing provocations.  Europe can and must choose to disengage from this madness.

If the United States government can take over the Russian consulate in San Francisco with impunity, it can do so to any other consulate if it so chooses.  Failure to condemn and protest this illegal move is to condone it and to allow it as a precedent against one’s own better judgment.  The silence that we have witnessed in the international community in this instance only serves to sustain the arrogance of power displayed by the government of the United States.

If Europe continues to go along with the group sex diplomacy of the United States, which expects everyone to follow along like players in the children’s game Simon Says,  sooner or later the consequences will prove to be not so pleasant.  Frame and blame and sanction and provoke and attack (the San José Shake) need to be replaced by fair investigation and proof before any diplomatic or military action is considered justified.

As things now stand, United States Congressmen have actually exhibited total ignorance of a United States uniformed troop deployment in a country from where United States uniformed military personnel were returned in body bags.  Such appalling lack of responsibility and accountability pales in comparison with the treatment given to mercenary troops and private armies and private contractors.  So members of the European Union ought to be very wary of virtually limitless exposure to new risks and threats that will arise from NATO commitments under the deceitful and aggressive leadership of the United States.  Hurt people hurt.  What goes around comes around.  Raising the cup of treason around the world so as to divide and conquer it is somewhat like drinking from a dirty glass at Studio 53 in New York.  Sooner or later, the latent pathogens find employment at the very top.

NARA’s Release of previously withheld documents on the JFK Assassination

President Trump’s October 2017 declaration that the complete release of JFK assassination documents by the National Archives & Records Administration will finally “put any and all conspiracy theories to rest” is arrogantly presumptuous and intellectually unconvincing.  The President gave no reason for his blunt assertion, and seems to be unaware that key documents already released decades ago point to uncomfortable conclusions which have been shamefully treated merely as sensitive public relations concerns rather than as matters of law and fact in a democracy whose electorate is well informed.

For example, New Orleans District Attorney James Garrison first lifted the veil covering the JFK assassination medical evidence in his 1969 prosecution of Clay Shaw.  Pathologist Lt. Col. Pierre Finck testified under oath that a gathering of generals and admirals in the autopsy room controlled what happened there.  Then David Lifton, in his book Best Evidence (1980), brilliantly uncovered tampering with medical evidence prior to the JFK autopsy.  Among the many problems with the medical evidence, a shallow, non-penetrating bullet entry wound between JFK’s shoulder blades at the third thoracic vertebra was falsely reported by United States Representative Gerald R. Ford, a member of the Warren Commission, and Warren Commission Assistant Counsel Arlen Specter, to be about five inches above at the neckline so as to lend a tiny degree of plausibility to the preposterous “magic bullet” theory, the foundation of the Warren Commission Report.

Of course, if a medical examiner were to be caught misrepresenting autopsy evidence, he’d lose his license and go to jail; for Ford and Specter, however, their fraud upon the American people was career enhancing.  This has rankled the conscience of James W. Sibert, one of the FBI Special Agents observing the JFK autopsy and taking notes of the proceedings.  In his retirement years, he confirmed to me by phone the egregious misrepresentation of JFK’s back wound.  When Ford was finally cornered into admitting his deception, the Associated Press reported the five inch change of location of the back wound as “ever so little” on 3 July 1997.  The venerable “newspaper of record,” the New York Times, buried what should have been front-page headline news deep in its back pages.

Another example is the memo of FBI Special Agent Graham Kitchel, who wrote that within minutes after JFK’s murder, “George H. W. Bush” called him at the Houston office of the FBI and told him that he would stay that night at the Dallas Sheraton Hotel.  Fifty-four years later, Bush has still not explained to the American people why he told Kitchel that he would stay overnight in Dallas just hours after JFK had been killed.  The news media have ignored Kitchel’s memo since its declassification and release in 1993.

In 1988, when Vice President Bush was a candidate for the office of President of the United States, Joseph McBride, a researcher and writer for The Nation magazine, confronted him with a newly declassified 29 November 1963 memo written by FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, which referred to possible ramifications of the JFK assassination among Cuban exiles in Florida and concluded by saying that the gist of the memo had been told to “Mr. George Bush of the Central Intelligence Agency” on 23 November, the day after the assassination.  Bush and his staff responded to McBride’s queries with lies and evasions.  Notably, in 1988 Barbara Bush had no alibi for her husband.  That didn’t come until the publication of Barbara Bush:  A Memoir in 1994, not long after the very quiet release of the Kitchel memo in October of 1993, when suddenly there apparently arose a very urgent need for an alibi.

The aforementioned Hoover and Kitchel FBI memos dovetail and help explain each other.  (For more information, including scanned copies of the Hoover and Kitchel FBI memos, please see It certainly seems that George H. W. Bush was somehow a conduit of disinformation about Lee Harvey Oswald.  That disinformation – that Oswald was a pro-Castro activist – was first spun by Zionist gunrunner Jack Ruby at an international press conference on the night of the JFK assassination when he boldly corrected Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade who had just described Oswald to the assembled reporters as an operative with anti-Castro groups in New Orleans.  Wade deferred to Ruby as though Ruby was a higher authority.

In his 1969 prosecution of Clay Shaw, District Attorney Garrison established that Oswald did indeed work with anti-Castro groups in New Orleans where he took on the guise of a pro-Castro activist in one of their intelligence operations.  This is how Oswald was set up as a patsy months later in Dallas.  In his 1991 book Plausible Denial, Mark Lane shows conclusively that Oswald’s alleged presence in Mexico City was really a clumsy impersonation by the CIA.  In an open forum in 1977, Lane elicited from David Atlee Phillips, who had been the CIA’s Chief of Cuban Operations in Mexico City when Oswald is alleged to have visited the Russian and Cuban embassies there, a frank admission that there is no evidence of Oswald’s having ever been in Mexico City.  In 2018, the news media still persists with this old fake news.

In sum, I know four things for sure about the JFK assassination:  1)  The US Government lied about it and continues to lie about it; 2) the news media continue to repeat the lies; 3) JFK did not want the protective glass bubble top on the presidential limousine on that sad day in Dallas; 4) George H. W. Bush exists in a protective bubble to this day from coming clean with the American people about his role in the JFK assassination and cover-up and in this regard he was truly a stealth candidate for President of the United States in 1988.

The Hebrew prophets called this kind of undue deference to notable people “respect of persons,” which proved to be a precursor to the fall of the House of Israel to the Assyrians followed a century later by the fall of Jerusalem and the House of Judah to the Babylonians.  In this sense, these heavy matters amount to a twice told tale.  Corruption sets in when the Fourth Estate prefers to stultify the people rather then edify them with the plain truth, be it with regard to the JFK assassination, the attack on the USS Liberty, 9/11, the attacks on Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen, among others.  Chronic lack of credibility leads to loss of legitimacy.

As for President Trump, he has the power to force the issue and deal a death blow to the “deep state” that killed JFK and continues to export death and destruction around the globe with a policy of full spectrum fraud and force.  But after he dedicated a new aircraft carrier named after a treasonous prevaricator, the late Congressman and Warren Commission member and President of the United States, Gerald R. Ford, I doubt that he is up to the task.  Maybe Trump himself is with the “deep state.”

After Fidel Castro kicked the Mafia out of Cuba, Meyer Lansky’s operations gradually regrouped under the corporate name Donnie CupcakesResorts International and, despite very strong opposition, eventually established a beachhead in Atlantic City, New Jersey, where Donald Trump became a front man at a casino.  Lansky’s true loyalty was to the Zionist state; his lingering resentment over losses of his operations in Cuba and the botched Bay of Pigs invasion in April 1961 to get them back combined with his friend Prime Minister of Israel David Ben Gurion’s very deep resentment of JFK’s adamant opposition to the Zionist state’s nuclear weapons program, as revealed in Seymour Hersch’s 1991 book, The Samson Option.

So one may fairly conclude that Donnie Cupcakes (think carrot cake with overhanging lemon icing) has been associated with some very distinguished gentlemen who all had motive, means and opportunity to do away with JFK and his worthy foreign policy objective of a Middle East free of weapons of mass destruction, and that his recent blunt, albeit indirect, endorsement of the Warren Commission Report is a sad signal of business as usual for our crime-ridden and war-mongering republic.  Well known for railing at “fake news,” Donnie Cupcakes himself may actually be not only a very stable genius, but also the ultimate purveyor of really fake news.

Trump declared Jerusalem an undivided city and capital of the Jewish state

On 6 December 2017, Donnie Cupcakes invoked the Jerusalem Embassy Act and declared that Jerusalem is an “undivided city” and the “capital of the state of Israel” and that the United States will begin the process of moving its embassy, now in Tel Aviv along with all other embassies to Israel, to Jerusalem. 

The essential problem here is that the United States Congress is in violation of the Constitution of the United States, which, according to the First Amendment, prohibits any “law respecting an establishment of religion.”  This law applies to the state of Israel, which calls itself the “Jewish state” and demands that all the nations on Earth regard it as the “Jewish State” or else!  In practical terms the First Amendment boils down to what Americans call the “separation of church and state,” which, one would think, includes a separation of synagogue and state.  However, the aggressive foreign policy of the United States has long been driven by Neoconservatives who are mainly Talmudic Ashkenazi Jews whose hold on members of the United States Congress is indicative of an illegal combination of synagogue and state.   

The specific problem here is that the United States Congress had no legal standing to designate Jerusalem an “undivided city” or even the “capital of the state of Israel.”  The Jerusalem Embassy Act, which was made law by the United States Congress in 1995, is a very good example of what Russian Federation Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov rightly decries as “extraterritorial use of their legislation and threats to tackle any international issues in accordance with their own scenario exclusively.”

Furthermore, the Jerusalem Embassy Act of 1995 contradicts the constitutionally mandated treaty obligations of the United States at the United Nations because United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (1967) designates East Jerusalem, as well as the rest of the West Bank, Gaza and the Syrian Golan Heights, as illegally occupied territory that was taken by force.

Unfortunately, Donnie Cupcakes’ 6 December 2017 Jerusalem declaration goes against both the letter and the spirit of United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361, which the Trump administration itself successfully co-sponsored with the Russian Federation and brought to a unanimous vote on 29 June 2017.  United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361 chiefly calls for immediate implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 338 (1973), which calls for immediate implementation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 242 (1967).

Donnie Cupcakes’ unilateral act regarding Jerusalem is therefore bizarrely retrograde behavior reflecting either lack of knowledge or lack of understanding or outright flouting of international law for domestic political considerations.  Donnie Cupcakes has prejudged the outcome of any possible negotiations on Jerusalem and Middle East peace if he has not already ruined the chances for such negotiations by his unilateral act to appease the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state.”  The strongly negative reaction around the world to this unilateral act regarding Jerusalem was so easily predictable that it should be considered a deliberate provocation.

No “even-handed broker of peace” has ever before so alienated a party to a negotiation as Donnie Cupcakes did on 6 December 2017.  He really ought to read a book on the art of negotiating.  Trump has simply lost the trust that is so necessary to proceed.  However, in my heart I believe he has no interest in real peace, and by having killed the peace process with his preemptive Jerusalem declaration, Trump thinks the Zionists will win all by default as the Palestinians are locked out of any meaningful negotiations while being artfully primed to take the blame for not sticking with a clearly phony “peace process.”  For fifty years the United States has paid lip service to United Nations Security Council Resolution 242, so Trump’s action should not be a total surprise.  That Donnie Cupcakes brought seductive joyousness to his electoral base is no surprise either.  His casino backers are very high up in seventh heaven now where they are smoking after-dinner cigars with God.

The law is, essentially, a shield; this shield has been taken away from the Palestinians.  The hopes raised by the aforementioned United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361 have flown away because the stand taken by Donnie Cupcakes is so contradictory to the letter and spirit of 2361 and so many other resolutions pertaining to the Arab-Zionist dispute.  No wonder that United Nations Security Council Resolution 2361 received no attention by the news media, even though its invocation of United Nations Security Council Resolution 338 (and therefore United Nations Security Council Resolution 242) has a much stronger impact than the noisily protested abstention of the United States on a vote condemning illegal Zionist settlements which was taken in the United Nations Security Council in the final weeks of the Obama Administration.  Resolution 2361 was just proper wording with all the i’s dotted and all the t’s crossed by the Trump Administration, but 2361 and 338 and 242 were never meant to be!  All that we saw and heard was politically expedient posturing on the international level, very likely a follow-up to the foolish glowing globe gimmick in Riyadh weeks before on 22 May 2017.  Donnie Cupcakes’ attempt to extort the Palestinians by withholding aid if they do not come to the negotiating table makes restitution for decades of aiding and abetting an illegal occupation a proper, partial remedy.

Sparks of Glory in Washington:
Donnie Cupcakes declares himself “a stable genius”!

Donnie Cupcakes’ political bomb for Jerusalem on 6 December 2017 leaves us at a turning point in the Middle East.  And at this important milestone of European history, let me urge Europeans to read the first chapter of Clark Clifford’s memoir, Counsel to the President, which was published in 1990.  There you will learn that in 1948 the entire United States Department of State, then under Secretary of State George Marshall, unanimously opposed President Truman’s decision to recognize the state of  -- as it was called at the last moment in the back seat of a taxicab on the way to the White House -- Israel!

Secretary of State George Marshall, the former general after whom the plan to reconstruct Europe after World War II had been named, had good reasons to withhold diplomatic recognition of the failed Bolshevik experiment known as the Zionist Jewish state of Israel.  But for the current situation in Europe in 2018, you only need to know one of them:  Recognition of the Zionist Jewish state was tantamount to a reward for rampant Zionist terrorism in the decades leading up to its founding in 1948.  In this light, and nearly 70 years later, NATO’s United States-led bogus war on terrorism is a kind of psychiatric illness disguised as shameless hypocrisy and aggravated by the propaganda, controlled chaos, and advanced victimology of the Zionists.

Just as the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative praxis of evil requires on-going “controlled chaos” in order to exist, a unified Europe needs NATO like it needs a hole in its head.  The best way to put NATO to bed is a new and a real investigation of 9/11.  Knowing exactly how we became so involved in the Middle East is a prerequisite to knowing exactly how to bring this unfortunate involvement to an end!  Truth and justice will bring healing.  If there are Jews who are criminals, holding them to account for suggesting, persuading, egging on or participating in a false-flag military intelligence operation against civilian and military targets in the United States of America is certainly not anti-Semitism!

A new and a real investigation into the crimes of 9/11 will reveal an elaborately planned deception and rampant criminality within the US Government.  The mastermind of such a ruse to commence perpetual war in the Middle East had to have had a detailed knowledge of construction and aviation.  And our man in Washington, Donnie Cupcakes, perfectly fits the profile of that rare set of individuals having such detailed knowledge of both construction and aviation.  Global Construction Review quoted Donnie Cupcakes on 9 November 2016:  “Construction is what I know. Nobody knows it better.”  Then we heard Donnie Cupcakes tell Sean Hannity on Fox News on 26 January 2017:  And I'm negotiating the price of airplanes, can you believe this? But I understand airplanes.  I've bought a lot of airplanes.”

Within hours of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York on 11 September 2001, Donnie Cupcakes told Alan Marcus and Rolland G. Smith, in a broadcast interview on WOR radio in New York, that in his professional opinion the attackers had “bombs that exploded almost simultaneously” with the impact of the jets into the Twin Towers.  Trump also noted that the attacking jets penetrated ”the heaviest caliber steel,” which fact suggested to him that bombs must have been used in synchronization with the attacking jets. (hear this at

But in a flash of intuitive insight comparable to what happened during Newton’s collision with an apple, or Poincaré’s False Tongueascent on the steps of a bus, or Proust’s taste of a Madeleine dipped in tea, Donnie Cupcakes suddenly realized as he pulled the curtains that the alleged hijackers could not possibly have planted explosives and proximity fuses inside the Boeing 767 from inside the waiting lounge at Logan International Airport, nor could they have placed such charges inside the heavily guarded Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City sometime before traveling up to Boston. Al Qa’ida had no men inside Logan Airport or the World Trade Center to plant explosives and proximity fuses.  But there were explosives and proximity fuses!  A 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal must ask, “Who planted the explosives in the World Trade Center Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7?”

Being a very stable genius, Trump knew that thenceforth he simply had to keep his mouth shut about explosives at the World Trade Center and trust that the controlled news media would not repeat his revealing observations on WOR radio because explosives contradicted the fast emerging but predetermined official explanation of 9/11.  Perhaps Donnie Cupcakes’ stroke of genius came at a meeting with Jesus and Moses and Lucky Larry Silverstein inside the British Royal Family’s apartment in Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York.  Maybe not.  But no matter.  It was a stroke of genius.  Pure genius.  As Atlantic City money man Meyer Lansky’s lieutenant in Chicago, Sam Giancana, would have put it, “Donnie Cupcakes is a ******* genius!”

In a complete reversal of what Donnie Cupcakes said during his WOR interview on 11 September 2001, two days later while standing near Ground Zero, when German TV reporter Stephan Bachenheimer asked him to comment on the Twin Towers’ having been “constructed to withstand, like a 707 attack,” he responded:  It’s tremendous power and tremendous heat, and people were willing to die, and when they’re willing to die, and when they’re willing to become kamikazes of a sense, there’s very little you can do about it.  I mean, the heat and the power... actually, it was amazing that the initial jolts didn’t jar the building as much as people would have thought.  But the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building, and 1600 degrees temperature, I guess that’s probably more than anything can take, no matter what.”  (see and hear:

Donnie Cupcakes sang a familiar tune on German TV on 13 September 2001 with the simple but scientifically unsound explanation that would ultimately be one of the main findings of the official account of what happened on 9/11.  Trump totally clammed up about explosions at the World Trade Center when he certainly knew there were explosions synchronized with the jet impacts at the points of their impacts.  (There were other explosions as well, some of which gave distinctive seismic signatures.)  From that point on, Trump became, at the very least, an accessory after the fact in the greatest crime of this young century.  So did the entire mass media, which, as David Ray Griffin observed in his Bush and Cheney:  How they ruined America and the World (page 258), stopped reporting WTC explosions on the very same day that Trump gave his interview with German TV, 13 September 2001.

Despite having shot his mouth off about explosives timed with jet impacts into the Twin Towers in his WOR interview with Alan Marcus and Rolland G. Smith, Donnie Cupcakes did manage to help lay the foundation for the false and misleading conclusion that the Twin Towers had no core columns.  Within hours of the attacks on 9/11, Trump described the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center:  “It was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside.... most buildings are built with the steel is on the inside around the elevator shafts.  This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have, and it was almost just like a can of soup.”

To the contrary, as David Ray Griffin makes very clear in his Bush and Cheney:  How they ruined America and the World (pages 248 – 252), each of the Twin Towers had a total of 287 steel support columns, consisting of 240 perimeter columns (of which Trump spoke) and 47 massive core columns around the elevator shafts (of which Trump was deceitfully quiet).  Also, as a native New Yorker, on my visits to lower Manhattan on summer vacation I would watch the construction of the Twin Towers from the very foundation, and witnessed the core columns going up.

Inasmuch as one of Trump’s structural engineers worked on the building of the Twin Towers, and had given Trump a personally guided tour in 1993, Trump certainly knew that there were massive core columns as well as the perimeter columns.  From this we can only conclude that Donnie Cupcakes was on WOR radio to plant fake news in the minds of the public on a matter that has changed our lives forever.  The San José Shake!  Donnie Cupcakes was rather prompt in telling such a falsehood (“like a can of soup”), which suggests at the very least foreknowledge and his being an accessory before the fact.  These heavy matters deserve careful judicial review in all aspects by the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.

Stephan Bachenheimer also asked Donnie Cupcakes, “Will you be involved, will you take any efforts, take any steps to reconstruct the area?”  Trump replied, “Well, I have a lot of men down here right now; we have over a hundred and we have about one hundred and twenty five coming, so we’ll have a couple of hundred people down here, and they’re very brave and what they’re doing is amazing, and we will be involved in some form in helping to reconstruct.”  There are three problems with Trump’s response.

First, Donnie Cupcakes had previously mentioned to Bachenheimer that he had “a lot of property down there but it wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to the World Trade Center.”  Approximately 225 men were way too many to take care of the main task of making sure all the doors and windows at Trump’s undamaged properties were closed.  Other than for that, they had no business being there.

Second, Ground Zero was a well-guarded and closed-off crime scene with carefully restricted access.  None of Trump’s personnel, numbering about 225, had any qualifications in investigating crime scenes.  They had no business being there.  But they were there.  What were they doing that was so amazing”?

Third, Trump’s personnel were not engaged in any reconstruction.  Reconstruction would only begin months later at World Trade Center 7 and years later near where the Twin Towers once stood.  Bachenheimer’s question was about reconstruction, but Trump’s answer was about recovery at Ground Zero, even though he indicated at the conclusion of his answer that he had understood the question.  Why would Donnie Cupcakes conflate the two, reconstruction and recovery?

The unflappable Bachenheimer maintained focus and later continued to probe with a very simple question, “When do you think you will start to rebuild?”  Donnie Cupcakes gave the game away in his answer:

“Well, I would hope it would really be very quickly, a lot of great genius people in this city, and I think that within a shorter period of time than, first, we have to get rid of what’s there, and we have to save as many lives as possible, if that is possible – today they found five people under the rubble, which is amazing, alive -- but after that process takes place, I think they can start thinking about rebuilding, absolutely.”

So now we know that when Donnie Cupcakes said, “first we have to get rid of what’s there,” his approximately 225 men were at Ground Zero very soon after the attacks of 11 September 2001 “to get rid of what’s there”!  Were they all maids, doormen, concierges, elevator operators, baggage handlers, dog walkers, accountants, lawyers, comfort engineers and maintenance men?  Or, did Donnie Cupcakes call in a private army of expert contractors and mercenaries to work alongside the FBI to scour the debris for incriminating evidence that had to be removed?  Was one of Trump’s men the miracle worker who allegedly found the pristine passport of alleged hijacker Satam As-Suqami after it had miraculously passed through the hellish inferno and then turned it over to the New York Police Department without being registered in the chain of custody of evidence?  Were these the guys who made the virtually indestructible black boxes disappear in that hellish inferno that yielded the pristine passport?

To whom exactly did Donnie Cupcakes refer when he said “we” as in “first we have to get rid of what’s there”?  Did he mean the then Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert S. Mueller?  Mueller had ultimate responsibility for the investigation of 9/11.  And one may easily surmise from reading David Ray Griffin’s Bush and Cheney:  How they ruined America and the World, Part II:  9/11:  A Miraculous Day, that Mueller is ultimately the man with a pocketful of miracles and no evidence about 9/11 that could withstand proper scrutiny in a court of law.  As for Trump, he had no official capacity to work the crime scene, yet he talked openly as though he did have the authority to do so.  Already I can hear Donnie Cupcakes speaking from the dock at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal about spoliation of evidence at the 9/11 crime scene in New York.

In my Critique – with Recommendations -- of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, I cited as a good example of cybernetic telecommunications piracy Edward Felt’s miraculous 9/11 cell phone call from the lavatory of United Airlines Flight 93.  Now I wonder that perhaps this lesson learned from 9/11, which was presented in the fall of 2016 in such a sudden and unexpected way in an email broadcast mainly, but not exclusively, to every member of the European Parliament, caused real paranoia in our Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state,” and that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s “Russiagate” investigation of Trump is really a pretext to probe for and stop the unravelling of the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state” 9/11 fable.

Also to be considered is the blatant conflict of interest whereby FBI Director Mueller oversaw the FBI 9/11 Ground Zero investigation where Donnie Cupcakes also had his 225 men deployed.  Mueller is clearly responsible for the 9/11 cover-up and Donald Trump seems to have been helping him.  Is Trump using inside knowledge of the “inside job” of 9/11 for blackmail?  Is this why Special Counsel Mueller is investigating Trump on nonsense about Russiagate with freedom to follow any and all additional leads encountered along the way?  As Donnie Cupcakes himself would put it, “It’s amazing!”  Is Donnie Cupcakes being set up for a CIA 9/11 “limited hangout” whereby conspirators turn on fellow conspirators to find a scapegoat when they sense their impending undoing?  Are we headed for another coup d’état?  Remember, here in the United States of America, regime changes are us!

The World Trade Center Twin Towers and Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) were taken down by controlled demolitions.  The collapses of these strong steel and concrete buildings were not caused by the collisions of the attacking jets and subsequent fires.  Rather, they were the result of explosives.  These demolitions were timed, however, to appear to a gullible general public to have been caused by structural damage and fires from the jets striking the Twin Towers.  For the right perspective to view the collapses of both Twin Towers, see the video taken by Richard A. Siegel from the other side of the Hudson river in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Siegel’s video should be Exhibit #1 at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  I’d love to hear Donnie Cupcakes and George W. Bush and Michael Mullen tell the world from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal what they see and hear in the Richard A. Siegel video.  (please see  Near the end of the collapse of the north tower, World Trade Center 1, I see some of the perimeter steel evaporating, which suggests to me energy of unusually great magnitude from some mysterious source other than the explosions that are also evident in the video and soundtrack.

The soundtrack of Richard A. Siegel’s 9/11 Raw video includes in the background the CBS 1010 WINS radio station’s live broadcast, which gave the tone that told the ten o’clock hour; this enables investigators to accurately time the explosions seen in the video and heard on the soundtrack after taking into account the distance the sound travelled.  The timing results can then be correlated with the seismograph readings of 9/11 at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory. The 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal must consider the question, are these seismic spikes caused by the collapses of the buildings or by explosives?  The scientists at Lamont-Doherty consider the spikes to be the result of the jet strikes (not shown on the Siegel video) and the building collapses only.  Other researches maintain that only very strong explosives could have caused the seismic spikes, and that the energy produced by the jet strikes and the building collapses dissipated well above ground level and at ground level and therefore could not have been detected by the Lamont-Doherty seismograph at such a distance.  Indeed, it appears to me that off-the-chart seismic spikes precede the collapses of the Twin Towers.

Furthermore, the flight of one of the jets into one of the Twin Towers, the south tower World Trade Center 2, appeared to have been beyond the human technical capacity of a pilot in a Boeing 767, which strongly suggests remote control piloting of the jet in a high-speed descending arc that produced a gravitational pull that no human could possibly endure while steering the jet.  My theory of cybernetic telecommunications piracy explains remote control hijacking of the jet as well as voice impersonations of crew members and passengers.  Surely Donnie Cupcakes is aware of remote control systems built into Boeing 767 and 757 jets.  As previously mentioned in this letter, Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News, “I understand airplanes.  I've bought a lot of airplanes.”  But Trump nevertheless remains quiet and uncurious on these important matters.  Not a good sign.  From the dock at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal I can already hear Donald Trump and fighter jet pilot George W. Bush and the Guru of remote control systems (see, Dov Zakheim, tell us about the attacking aerial vehicles of 9/11.  I can personally attest that the aerial vehicle that hit the south tower WTC 2 was headed right to where I stood next to the US Air Force New York Regional Office.  The only other attacking aerial vehicle seen in a high speed descending arc of flight was at the Pentagon, where there are, of course, other offices of the US Air Force.  This is a curious coincidence that needs to be sifted by the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  It looks like both aerial vehicles were guided by homing devices inside USAF offices where they crashed.

Why has President Trump consistently failed to level with the people of the United States and, indeed, the people of the world, on this most important subject of 9/11?  Instead of telling us the truth about 9/11, Donnie Cupcakes has backtracked on his candid radio broadcast remarks about explosions in the Twin Towers.  He has lied to the general public in the same radio broadcast about the lack of massive central support columns in the Twin Towers.  And Trump revealed that he had about 225 of his own men working alongside the FBI inside the secured and restricted crime scene at Ground Zero.  Here we have at the very least a good prima facie case that Donald J. Trump was an accessory both before and after the shock and awe crimes of 9/11.  If the 9/11 attacks on the United States of America were indeed, as I believe they were, an inside job, then we are talking about treason!  And the resulting wars were literally the passing of the cup of treason abroad, where citizens of nations where the United States imposed regime changes were forced to commit treason by siding with foreign invaders while the loyal citizens, God bless them, were pulverized!

So here is where Europeans can intervene and help themselves and help the people of the United States too.  I urge members of the European Parliament to do all that they can to initiate the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal in the name of truth, justice, and peace.  This is the right way to reverse the trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war, and prevent more entangled folly with the United States-led NATO which can only bring humiliation or worse.

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Stephen M. St. John

31 January 2018      

The writer is a citizen of the United States of America and an independent researcher focused on Middle East peace and related issues.  He is the sole proprietor of his website under the name Metatron at


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