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Rewards for Justice & an International 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal

My letter of 3 April 2018 to each and every member of the European Parliament, among others, argues for the creation of a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal in the interests of truth, justice and peace.  A very strong conflict of interest between Special "Russiagate" Counsel Robert S. Mueller III and Donald J. Trump, which dates all the way back to 11 September 2001 and "Ground Zero" in New York City, provides an excellent opening for the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  A bloody ruse to commence war on that day of "shock & awe" is the supreme war crime according to the Nuremberg Principles that had become part of international law after World War II.

Dear members of the European Parliament,
and other interested parties,

Fifty days have passed since I, a private citizen of the United States of America, mailed by regular post a letter concerning a 9/11-related conflict of interest between President Trump and Special Counsel Robert Mueller to the Attorney General of the United States, Mr. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III.  There was no reply.  Still, I believe that herein you will find very grave matters, the investigation of which will be a good starting point for an international 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  Truth about 9/11 and justice for the real perpetrators of such great evil of global dimensions will reverse the current trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war against Russia, China and Iran.  Otherwise, mindless repetition of the British Prime Minister’s sinister mantra of “guilty until proven innocent” will only wreck more innocent lives and postpone indefinitely the progress that we all seek through good international relations everywhere on earth.  Absolutely unsubstantiated charges with hasty punishments strike at the heart of justice; due process must triumph once again over the Star Chamber that Americans overthrew in 1776.  A copy of my unrequited letter to Attorney General Sessions appears right below along with links to and transcripts of two interviews with Donald Trump which are cited in this letter.  It is also posted on my website at:  The conduct of a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal is too big a task and too challenging for the USA to handle alone.  Therefore, I pray that Europe’s states intervene, and suggest this opening.

Very truly yours,
Stephen M. St. John

3 April 2018
San José, California

* * * * * * *

Letter to Attorney General Sessions
WWOR 11 September 2001 Interview with Donald Trump (link & transcript)
German TV 13 September 2001 Interview with Donald Trump (link & transcript)

* * * * * * *

Letter to Attorney General Sessions

Mr. Jefferson Beauregard Sessions
Attorney General of the United States
United States Department of Justice
950 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW
Washington, DC 20530-0001

Copy to:  Mr. Christopher Wray, Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation

12 February 2018

Dear Mr. Sessions,

Let me, a concerned citizen of the United States, point to a blatant conflict of interest between the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and the Special Counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

Mr. Mueller, as Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, presided over the investigation at Ground Zero at the World Trade Center in New York City from 11 September 2001 until its conclusion.  And Mr. Trump, on 13 September 2001, told German TV reporter Stephan Bachenheimer that he had about 225 men working at Ground Zero, where “we have to get rid of what’s there” and, if possible, recover survivors.  See and hear this interview at

Inasmuch as Mr. Trump said to Mr. Bachenheimer at the very beginning of the interview that none of his properties in lower Manhattan had sustained any damage from the attacks on the World Trade Center complex, and that what his men were doing there was “amazing,” one must ask, why were his men there in a secured crime scene under the jurisdiction of the Director of the FBI?

Furthermore, in an interview given on WOR radio within hours of the attack on the World Trade Center, Mr. Trump lied about the construction of the Twin Towers, which he likened to “a can of soup” without steel core columns in the center next to the elevator shafts.  Why would Mr. Trump lie about this when he certainly knew better?  Hear this interview at

Also, Mr. Trump gave his professional opinion in the WOR radio interview that explosives must have been used for the jets to have penetrated the heaviest caliber steel of the perimeter columns, but two days later, on 13 September 2001, he did not mention any explosions at all to Mr. Bachenheimer.

Mr. Trump’s prevarication about lack of core columns in the Twin Towers, and his backtracking on his statements about explosives, strongly indicate his being, at the very least, an accessory both before and after the fact of the crime of this young century and its subsequent cover-up.

For more on this subject, please see my recent letter of 31 January 2018 to each and every member of the European Parliament, in the last section, Sparks of Glory emanate from the White House, at

Very truly yours,
Stephen M. St. John

Stephen M. St. John, POB 720274, San José, CA 95172,

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WWOR 11 September 2001 Interview with Donald Trump (link & transcript)

WWOR TV Interview
Alan Marcus with Donald J. Trump
11 September 2001


Alan Marcus:  Donald, you’re probably the best known builder – particularly of great buildings in the city – there’s a great deal of question about whether or not the damage and the ultimate destruction of the buildings was caused by the airplanes, by architectural defect or possibly by bombs or aftershocks.  Do you have any thoughts on that?

Donald Trump:  Well, it wasn’t an architectural defect.  You know the World Trade Center was always known as a very strong building.  Don’t forget, that took a big bomb in the basement.  Now the basement is the most vulnerable place because that’s your foundation.  And it withstood that.  And I got to see that area about three or four days after it took place because one of my structural engineers actually took me for a tour because he did the building.  And I said, “I can’t believe it!”  The building was standing solid and half of the columns were blown out.  So, this was an unbelievably powerful building.  If you know anything about structure, it was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside.  The steel – the reason the World Trade Center had such narrow windows – is that in between all the windows you had the steel on the outside.  See, you had the steel on the outside of the building.  That’s why when I first looked – and you had big, heavy I-beams – when I first looked at it I couldn’t believe it because there was a hole in the steel, and this is steel that was – you remember the width of the windows of the World Trade Center, folks? – I think, you know, if you were ever up there, they were quite narrow and in between was this heavy steel.  I said, “how could a plane, even a plane, even a 767 or 747, or whatever it might have been, how could it possibly go through the steel?”   I happen to think that they had not only a plane but they had bombs that exploded almost simultaneously.  Because I just can’t imagine anything being able to go through that wall.  Most buildings are built with the steel is on the inside around the elevator shaft.  This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have, and it was almost just like a can of soup.

AM:  You know, Donald, we were looking at pictures all morning long of that plane coming into building number two.  And when you see that approach the far side, and all of a sudden, within a matter of a millisecond, the explosion pops out the other side.

DT:  Right.  I just think that there was a plane with more than just fuel.  I think, obviously there were very big planes.  They were going very rapidly, because, I was also watching where the plane seemed to be not only going fast, it seemed to be coming down into the building, so was getting the speed from going down hill, so to speak.  It just seemed to me that to do that kind of destruction, is even more than a big plane.  Because you are talking about taking out steel, the heaviest caliber steel that was used on the building.  These buildings were rock solid.  And, you know, it’s just an amazing, amazing thing.  This country is different today.  And it’s going to be different than it ever was for many years to come.

AM:  A very profound statement, and very true.

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German TV 13 September 2001 Interview with Donald Trump (link & transcript)

German TV Interview
Stephan Bachenheimer with Donald J. Trump
13 September 2001


Stephan Bachenheimer (SB):  Mr. Trump, do you have any interest in the area down there that’s been affected?

Donald Trump (DT):  I have a lot of property down there but it wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to the World Trade Center. 

SB:  What’s your biggest fear, Mr. Trump?

DT:  Well, I just went to what they call “Ground Zero.”   I’ve never seen anything like it – the devastation, the human life that has been just wasted for no reason whatsoever, ah, it is a terrible scene, a terrible sight, but New Yorkers are very strong and resilient and they will rebuild quickly.

SB:  Mr. Trump, what should be the response to this attack?   How should the US respond to such a devastation?

DT:  Well, I think they have to respond quickly and effectively.  They have to find out exactly what the cause was, who did it, and they have to go after these people because there is no other choice.  And then, secondarily and much less importantly, we have to rebuild in some form that will be just as majestic as the World Trade Center.

SB:  Will you be involved, will you take any efforts, any steps, to reconstruct the area?

DT: Well, I have a lot of men down here right now; we have over a hundred and we have about one hundred and twenty five coming, so we’ll have a couple of hundred people down here, and they’re very brave and what they’re doing is amazing, and we will be involved in some form in helping to reconstruct.

SB:  What kind of cost would you estimate to rebuild this area?  How much money has been lost in the attack?

DT:  I would say fifteen to twenty billion dollars.  You’re talking billions and billions of dollars, and it’s irreparable.  Irreparable.  But I really feel that the location is such, and the importance of the monument is such, that we have to rebuild.  And again, not necessarily in the form of the two towers, but something has to be done that’s very big and very majestic.

SB:  A lot of people ask, how is it possible that a Boeing plane would be able to destroy the, or two planes, would be able to destroy the Twin Towers?  Because they were constructed to withstand, like a 707 attack.

DT:  It’s tremendous power and tremendous heat, and people were willing to die, and when they’re willing to die, and when they’re willing to become kamikazes of a sense, there’s very little you can do about it.  I mean, the heat and the power... actually, it was amazing that the initial jolts didn’t jar the building as much as people would have thought.  But the tremendous amounts of fuel that was dumped on the building, and 1600 degrees temperature, I guess that’s probably more than anything can take, no matter what.”

SB:  When do you think you will start to rebuild?

DT: Well, I would hope it would really be very quickly, a lot of great genius people in this city, and I think that within a shorter period of time than, first, we have to get rid of what’s there, and we have to save as many lives as possible, if that is possible – today they found five people under the rubble, which is amazing, alive -- but after that process takes place, I think they can start thinking about rebuilding, absolutely.

SB:  Viele Danke, Mr. Trump.

DT:  Danke, Danke.

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A new and a real investigation into the crimes of 9/11 will reveal an elaborately planned deception and rampant criminality within the US Government and news media for the purpose of carrying out long-laid plans to wage aggressive wars and occupations in the Middle East and beyond.

The mastermind of such a ruse to commence perpetual war by cybernetic telecommunications piracy and controlled demolitions of World Trade Center buildings had to have had a detailed knowledge of construction and aviation.  And our man in Washington, Donald J. Trump, perfectly fits the profile of that rare set of individuals having such detailed knowledge of both construction and aviation.

Global Construction Review quoted Trump on 9 November 2016:  “Construction is what I know. Nobody knows it better.”  Then we heard President Trump tell Sean Hannity on Fox News on 26 January 2017:  And I'm negotiating the price of airplanes, can you believe this? But I understand airplanes.  I've bought a lot of airplanes.”

Surely President Trump is well aware of the technical capabilities of taking over an aircraft’s flight control and communications systems by remote-control.  This technology developed decades ago to stop hijackings.  But the potential for nefarious use of this brilliant technology unfortunately arose as well.  Being also capable of impersonating crew and passengers by real-time digital voice morphing, cybernetic telecommunications pirates are a danger to world peace. They hide behind state and corporate secrecy laws and policies, so their crimes are very nearly perfect.  Ingenious electronic manipulations are hard to detect.

Trump’s name is synonymous with construction globally, and it is indelibly etched in the minds of New Yorkers, whose city many regard as the world capital largely because New York has the great honor of being the host city of the United Nations headquarters.  Trump knows what it takes to build a building in New York, and I’m sure he has a pretty good idea of what it takes to bring a building down.  He certainly knows the odds of Al Qa’ida’s having placed explosives inside the World Trade Center Twin Towers and the Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) are virtually nil.

Besides Trump’s unique profile in the construction and aviation industries, Trump’s broadcast interviews on 11 and 13 September 2001 raise many other important questions as well.

For example, within hours of the attacks on the World Trade Center in New York, Donald Trump told Alan Marcus and Rolland G. Smith, in a broadcast telephone interview on WWOR TV in New York, that, in his professional opinion, the attackers had “bombs that exploded almost simultaneously” with the impact of the jets into the Twin Towers.  Trump also noted that the attacking jets penetrated “the heaviest caliber steel,” which fact suggested to him that bombs must have been used in synchronization with the attacking jets.

But two days later, in his interview with a German TV company near Ground Zero, Trump not once brought up the subject of explosions with interviewer Stephan Bachenheimer.  Apparently the very idea of the alleged hijackers’ not being able to plant explosives and proximity fuses inside the Boeing 767s from inside the waiting lounges at Logan International Airport, or inside the heavily guarded Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City sometime before traveling up to Boston, had suddenly overnight made this subject of explosions taboo.

On this same day, 13 September 2001, the news media no longer published the many eyewitness reports of explosions inside the World Trade Center.  Such explosions were not limited to the explosions upon the jet impacts as initially suggested by Mr. Trump.  Such skewed reporting gave people around the world a false narrative that helped to build a consensus for war.

And so, seventeen years later, a new and a real investigation of 9/11 needs to ask, why would Trump candidly explain that explosives were used and then two days later fall into line with the skewed reporting building a consensus for war?  From that point on, Trump became a purveyor of fake news and an accessory after the fact in the greatest terrorist shock and awe crime of this young century.  A 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal must ask, “Who planted explosives in the World Trade Center Twin Towers and World Trade Center 7?”  It certainly wasn’t al Qa’ida; the real perpetrators walk among us!

Despite having shot his mouth off about explosives timed with jet impacts into the Twin Towers in his WWOR interview with Alan Marcus and Rolland G. Smith, Donald Trump did manage in that same interview to lay the foundation for the false and misleading rumor that the Twin Towers had no core columns.  Within hours of the attacks on 9/11, Trump described the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center:  “It was one of the first buildings that was built from the outside.  Most buildings are built with the steel is on the inside around the elevator shafts.  This one was built from the outside, which is the strongest structure you can have, and it was almost just like a can of soup.”

To the contrary, each of the Twin Towers had a total of 287 steel support columns, consisting of 240 perimeter columns (of which Trump spoke) and 47 massive core columns around the elevator shafts (of which Trump was deceitfully quiet).  Also, as a native New Yorker, on visits to lower Manhattan on summer vacation I watched the construction of the Twin Towers from their foundations, and witnessed both the core columns and perimeter columns going up.  Additionally, photographic evidence exists showing both the core columns and perimeter columns at various stages of the construction.

Inasmuch as one of Trump’s structural engineers had worked on the building of the Twin Towers, and gave Trump a personally guided tour in 1993, Trump certainly knew that there were massive core columns as well as the perimeter columns.  From this we can only conclude that Donald Trump was on WWOR TV just hours after the attacks to plant fake news in the minds of the public on a matter that has changed peoples’ lives forever!  Trump was so prompt in telling such an obviously rehearsed falsehood (“like a can of soup”) that one must consider the possibilities of foreknowledge and of his being an accessory before the fact as well.  These heavy matters deserve careful judicial review in all aspects by the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.

Moreover, Trump was also a bit too quick to mention to the German TV audience “the importance of the monument” at the World Trade Center, which suggests that he was “on message” with a well rehearsed reference to “the monument” that did not yet exist and had still not yet been proposed.

Stephan Bachenheimer also asked Donald Trump, “Will you be involved, will you take any efforts, take any steps to reconstruct the area?”

Trump replied, “Well, I have a lot of men down here right now; we have over a hundred and we have about one hundred and twenty five coming, so we’ll have a couple of hundred people down here, and they’re very brave and what they’re doing is amazing, and we will be involved in some form in helping to reconstruct.” 

There are three problems with Trump’s response.

First, Trump had previously mentioned to Bachenheimer at the very beginning of the interview that he had “a lot of property down there but it wasn’t, fortunately, affected by what happened to the World Trade Center.”  Approximately 225 men were way too many to take care of the main task of making sure all the doors and windows at Trump’s undamaged properties were closed.  Other than for that, one would think that Trump’s 225 men had no business being there.

Second, Ground Zero was a well-guarded and closed-off crime scene with carefully restricted access.  I personally tried to gain access there but was turned away at Chambers and Hudson.  None of Trump’s personnel, numbering about 225, had any known qualifications in investigating crime scenes.  They had no business being there at Ground Zero.  But they were there.  What were they doing there at Ground Zero that was so “amazing”?

Third, Trump’s personnel were, at the time of the interview, not engaged in any reconstruction.  Reconstruction would only begin months later at World Trade Center 7 and years later near where the Twin Towers once stood.  Bachenheimer’s question was about reconstruction, but Trump’s answer was really about recovery at Ground Zero, even though he indicated at the conclusion of his answer that he had understood the question.  Why would Donald Trump conflate in his own mind two concepts, reconstruction and recovery?

The unflappable Bachenheimer maintained focus and later continued to probe with a very simple question, “When do you think you will start to rebuild?”  Here is where Donald Trump gave the game away in his answer:

“Well, I would hope it would really be very quickly, a lot of great genius people in this city, and I think that within a shorter period of time than, first, we have to get rid of what’s there, and we have to save as many lives as possible, if that is possible – today they found five people under the rubble, which is amazing, alive -- but after that process takes place, I think they can start thinking about rebuilding, absolutely.”

So now we know that when Donald Trump said, “first we have to get rid of what’s there,” his approximately 225 men were at Ground Zero very soon after the attacks of 11 September 2001 “to get rid of what’s there”!  Were they all maids, doormen, concierges, elevator operators, baggage handlers, dog walkers, accountants, lawyers, comfort engineers and maintenance men?  Or, did Trump call in a private army of expert contractors and mercenaries to work alongside the FBI to scour the debris for incriminating evidence that had to be removed?

Was one of Trump’s “amazing” men the miracle worker who allegedly found the pristine passport of alleged hijacker Satam As-Suqami after it had miraculously passed through the hellish inferno and then turned it over to the New York Police Department without being registered in the chain of custody of evidence?  Were these “amazing” men the guys who made the virtually indestructible black boxes disappear in that same hellish inferno that yielded the pristine passport?

To whom exactly did Donald Trump refer when he said “we” as in “first we have to get rid of what’s there”?  Did he mean the then Director of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Robert S. Mueller?  Mueller had ultimate responsibility for the investigation of 9/11.  And one may easily surmise from reading David Ray Griffin’s Bush and Cheney:  How they ruined America and the World, Part II:  9/11:  A Miraculous Day, that Mueller is ultimately the man with a pocketful of miracles and no evidence about 9/11 that could withstand proper scrutiny in a court of law.

As for Trump, he had no known official capacity to work the crime scene, yet he talked openly as though he did have the authority to do so.  Already I can hear Donald Trump speaking from the dock at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal about spoliation of evidence at the 9/11 crime scene in New York.

In my Critique – with Recommendations -- of the Dutch Safety Board’s Final Report on the Shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 (, I cited as a good example of cybernetic telecommunications piracy Edward Felt’s miraculous 9/11 cell phone call from the lavatory of United Airlines Flight 93.  Now I wonder that perhaps this lesson learned from 9/11, which was presented in the fall of 2016 in such a sudden and unexpected way in an email broadcast mainly, but not exclusively, to every member of the European Parliament, caused real fear in our Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state,” and that Special Counsel Robert S. Mueller’s “Russiagate” investigation of Trump is really a pretext to probe for and stop the unravelling of the Anglo-Zionist-Neoconservative “deep state” 9/11 fable.  Already I can hear Robert Mueller speak from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal about Edward Felt’s faked cell phone call from United Airlines Flight 93.

Also to be considered is the blatant conflict of interest whereby FBI Director Mueller oversaw the FBI 9/11 Ground Zero investigation where Donald Trump also had his 225 men deployed.  Mueller is clearly responsible for the 9/11 cover-up and Donald Trump seems to have been helping him.  Is Trump using inside knowledge of the “inside job” of 9/11 for blackmail?  Is this why Special Counsel Mueller is now investigating Trump on nonsense about Russiagate with freedom to follow any and all additional leads encountered along the way?  Is Trump being set up for a CIA 9/11 “limited hangout” whereby conspirators turn on fellow conspirators to find a scapegoat when they sense their impending undoing?  Are we headed for another coup d’état?  Remember, here in the United States of America, regime changes are us!

The World Trade Center Twin Towers and Salomon Brothers Building (WTC 7) were taken down by controlled demolitions.  The collapses of these super-strong steel and concrete buildings were not caused by the collisions of the attacking jets and subsequent fires.  Rather, they were the result of very high energy explosives.  These controlled demolitions, however, were portrayed by the fake news media to a gullible general public as simply the result of structural damage from the jet impacts, fires from jet fuel and office furnishings, and gravity.  On the other hand, physicists have pointed out at least ten descriptive characteristics of controlled demolitions of WTC 1, 2 and 7.  Other than for the initial tilt of the upper floors of WTC 2, there are no descriptive characteristics of mechanical collapses of WTC 1, 2 and 7 due to structural damage from jet impacts and subsequent fires.  Science says only explosions enabled the free-fall collapses of WTC 1, 2 and 7.

For the right perspective to view the collapses of both Twin Towers, see the video taken by Richard A. Siegel from the other side of the Hudson river in Hoboken, New Jersey.  Siegel’s video should be Exhibit #1 at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  I’d love to hear Donald Trump and George W. Bush and Michael Mullen tell the world from the dock of the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal what they see and hear in the Richard A. Siegel video. (see

Near the end of the collapse of the north tower, World Trade Center 1, I see some still-standing perimeter steel evaporating, which suggests to me energy of unusually great magnitude from some mysterious source other than the explosions that are also evident in the video and soundtrack.

The soundtrack of Richard A. Siegel’s 9/11 Raw video includes in the background the CBS 1010 WINS radio station’s live broadcast, which gave the tone that told the ten o’clock hour; this enables investigators to accurately time the explosions seen in the video and heard on the soundtrack after taking into account the distance the sound travelled.  The timing results can then be correlated with the seismograph readings of 9/11 at Columbia University’s Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory.

The 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal must consider the question, are these seismic spikes caused by the collapses of the buildings or by explosives?  The scientists at Lamont-Doherty consider the spikes to be the result of the jet strikes (not shown on the Siegel video) and the building collapses only.  Other researches maintain that only very strong explosives could have caused the seismic spikes, and that the energy produced by the jet strikes and the building collapses dissipated well above ground level and at ground level, and therefore could not have been detected by the Lamont-Doherty seismograph at such a distance with such varied geology and topography including the Hudson river gorge.  Indeed, it appears to me that off-the-chart seismic spikes immediately precede the collapses of the Twin Towers.  For more information on this important subject, please see

Furthermore, the flight of one of the jets into one of the Twin Towers, the south tower World Trade Center 2, appeared to have been beyond the human technical capacity of a pilot in a Boeing 767, which strongly suggests remote control piloting of the jet in a high-speed descending arc that produced a gravitational pull that no human could possibly endure while still steering the jet.  Cybernetic telecommunications piracy explains remote control hijacking of the jet as well as voice impersonations of crew members and passengers with real-time digital voice morphing.

Surely Donald Trump is aware of remote control systems built into Boeing 767 and 757 jets.  As previously mentioned in this letter, Trump told Sean Hannity on Fox News, “I understand airplanes.  I've bought a lot of airplanes.”  But Trump nevertheless remains quiet and uncurious on these important matters.  Not a good sign.  Very sad.  From the dock at the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal I can already hear Donald Trump and former Texas Air National Guard fighter jet pilot George W. Bush and the international Guru of remote control systems, Dov Zakheim (see, tell us about the attacking aerial vehicles of 9/11.

I can personally attest that the aerial vehicle that hit the south tower WTC 2 was headed right to where I stood next to the New York Regional Office of the United States Air Force on the 37th floor of the Federal Building at Broadway and Duane.  The only other attacking aerial vehicle seen in a high speed descending arc of flight was at the Pentagon, where there are, of course, many other offices of the United States Air Force.  This is a curious coincidence that needs to be sifted by the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  It looks like both aerial vehicles were guided by homing devices inside United States Air Force offices near where they crashed.

Why has President Trump consistently failed to level with the people of the United States and, indeed, the people of the world, on this most important subject of 9/11?  Instead of telling us the truth about 9/11, Donald Trump has backtracked on his candid radio broadcast remarks about explosions in the Twin Towers.  He has lied to the general public in the same radio broadcast about the lack of massive central support columns in the Twin Towers.  And Trump revealed that he had about 225 of his own men working alongside the FBI inside the secured and restricted crime scene at Ground Zero, where he envisioned, before anyone else, “the importance of the monument” that would be built there years later.  Here we have at the very least a good prima facie case that Donald J. Trump was an accessory both before and after the shock and awe crimes of 9/11.

If the 9/11 attacks on the United States of America were indeed, as I believe they were, an inside job, then we are talking about treason.  And the resulting wars were literally the passing of the cup of treason abroad, where citizens of nations where the United States imposed regime changes were forced to flee or to commit treason by siding with foreign invaders while the loyal citizens, God bless them, were pulverized! 

So here is where Europeans can intervene and help themselves and help the people of the United States too.  I urge members of the European Parliament to do all that they can to initiate the 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal in the names of truth, justice, and peace.  This is the right way to reverse the trend of aggressive horizontal asymmetric escalation toward full scale global war, and prevent more entangled folly with the United States-led NATO which can only bring humiliation or worse.

Mr. Trump’s own words in interviews given on 11 and 13 September 2001 provide a great opportunity to initiate investigations on behalf of a 9/11 Nuremberg Tribunal.  To the best of my knowledge and belief, the interviews really happened and the transcripts that I have provided are accurate. 

Thank you.

Very truly yours,
Stephen M. St. John

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